Laura Miller (Matlock)

Laura Miller (Matlock)

Laura Miller is a fictional character portrayed by Laura Robbins in the television series "Matlock" and is the goddaughter of Ben Matlock. The last time she saw her godfather was 11 years prior to her wedding, at her mother's funeral. She no longer lived in Mt. Harlan at this point, instead working in an Atlanta-area mall in a clothing store as an assistant manager in Marietta. When she came back, she had not met his daughter, Leanne. Her parents owned a bakery. She intended to marry Paul (portrayed by Robert Praigo), a teacher from Mt. Harlan, whose dad was a veterinarian.

Since her parents had both died, she decided to get married in Atlanta rather than Mt. Harlan and she asked Ben to give her away at the wedding. She planned not to have a reception, since there wasn't much in the budget for it, but Leanne proffered to chip in for the reception, and to host the reception for the wedding at Ben's house.

She had a brother, Chuck. Brad, another person attending the wedding, was angry at Chuck for disabling his brother, Frank. Frank was a football player being scouted by pro football teams, and was paralyzed from the waist down when Chuck drove his car into a tree, and Brad punched him out at the bachelor party. Chuck was framed for Brad's murder for the fight they had at the party, and the knife found in the back of Laura's house.

At the wedding practice, Ben told Laura that the last time he did this (at Leanne's wedding), it didn't turn out so well. Laura didn't know Leanne was divorced, and Ben told her that Leanne married outside her species. "He was a jackass," he said of Peter MacIntyre (Robert Desiderio).


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