Turun sinappi

Turun sinappi

Turun sinappi (Swedish name: Åbo senap) is a mustard, originally made in Finland. It is often used with "makkara" (i.e. sausage).

Turun sinappi was first launched by Turku foodstuffs manufacturer Jalostaja in 1926 The mustard got its name from the Finnish city of Turku. It is sold on yellow 250 g tubes. It consists of dark yellow finely ground mustard and various other spices. There are four types of Turun sinappi: "Mieto" (mild) with green cap, "Vahva" (strong) with red cap, "Tulinen" (fiery) with black cap and "Linnan sinappi" (Mustard of the Castle) with blue cap. The logo sports the profile of Turku castle. Most popular is the "red" range ("Vahva"), which has a distinctive taste.

There was a controversy over the name in the early 2000s, when Unilever bought out the original manufacturer.

When the brand was bought, the production was moved to Uppsala in Sweden. In 2008, the production was moved again, to Poland.

A replacement product, produced by Turku foodstuffs manufacturer Lunden with the same recipe as the Turun sinappi, named "Auran Sinappi" was established in Finland. Now Auran sinappi has captured a 10% market share.

Turun sinappi is remembered for its TV commercials, which at a time were fairly ubiquitous on Finnish TV. The slogan was "Kahta en vaihda", meaning "There are two things that I'll never change". The commercials usually featured someone saying "There are two things that I'll never change. One of them is Turun sinappi and the other is "xxx", with the other thing varying from time to time, sometimes not mentioned at all. A schoolyard parody of the slogan is "There are two things I'll never change: my socks".


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