Serpentine (disambiguation)

Serpentine (disambiguation)

The word serpentine may refer to:

* Serpentine shape, an object or design shaped like the letter S or like a snake
* The S-shaped riding figure used when training horses.
* Serpentine group, a common mineral group
* Serpentine belt, a type of drive belt used in mechanical devices
* Serpentine receptor, describing the shape of transmembrane proteins
* The serpentine, an early type of cannon
* The serpentine, a component of the matchlock firearm
* Serpentine powder, an early form of gunpowder
* The serpentine, a mythical dragon-like creature in the shape of a serpent
* Serpentine soil, a soil derived from the serpentine mineral
* The serpentine flora, unusual plant communities that occur on serpentine soils
* Serpentine curve, a mathematical curve
* Serpentine system, a method employed in the organization of a competition


* Serpentine (video game), a 1982 video game published by Brøderbund Software, Inc.
* Serpentine (software), a GNOME application for writing audio CDs


* The Serpentine Offering, a single by Dimmu Borgir from their 2007 album In Sorte Diaboli
* "Serpentine" (album), a 1996 jazz album by Han Bennink and Dave Douglas

places in England

* Serpentine (lake), a lake in Hyde Park, London, near the Serpentine Gallery
* Serpentine Gallery, a London gallery near the Serpentine lake
* Serpentine Green, a very large shopping centre in Southern Peterborough

places in Australia

* Serpentine, Western Australia, a town
* Serpentine National Park, a park in Australia home to the Serpentine Falls
* Serpentine Falls, a series of waterfalls in the Australian Serpentine National Park
* Serpentine River (Western Australia), a river in the Serpentine National Park
* Serpentine Dam, a dam on the Serpentine River
* Serpentine, Victoria, a town in Australia

places in New Zealand

* Serpentine River, New Zealand, a minor river in the South Island of New Zealand
* Serpentine (goldfields), a locality and series of goldfields near Paerau in Central Otago, New Zealand

ee also

* Electoral district of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, in Western Australia
* Serpentine Heights Elementary School, in Surrey, Canada
* "The Serpentine Similar", a 1993 rock album by Gastr del Sol
* Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale

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