Jade (disambiguation)

Jade (disambiguation)

Jade is the (usually green-colored) gemstone.

Jade may also refer to:


German coast of Lower Saxony:
* Jade, Germany, a municipality and one of its towns
* Jade, Jade River
* Jadebusen, bay

* Jade River (New Zealand)
* Jade Mountain, Taiwan
* White Jade, Yurungkash River in western China


* Jade Villalon (born 1980), American singer & songwriter.
* Claude Jade (1948-2006), French actress
* Ms. Jade (born c. 1978), American rapper
* Layla Jade (born 1980), British actress & model
* Samantha Jade (born 1987), Australian singer
* Jade Goody (born 1981), British reality star.

Fictional characters

* Jade (Mortal Kombat)
* Jade, "Beyond Good & Evil" heroine
* Jade, character in "Fahrenheit" a.k.a. "Indigo Prophecy"
* Jade Curtiss, character in "Tales of the Abyss"
* Jade, character in "Breath of Fire"
* Mara Jade, in the "Star Wars" universe

Comics and animation:
* Jade (comics), from DC Comics
* Jade (Chaos comics), female vampire
* Jade, "Shadow Raiders" TV-series character
* Jade Fontaine, character in webcomic "PvP"
* Jade (Kinnikuman), character in series "Ultimate Muscle"
* Jade Chan, niece in "Jackie Chan Adventures" animated series

Other media:
* Jade, character from novel "The Prophecy of the Stones"
* Jade Vernon, character from book series "The Traces"
* Jade (doll), in Bratz line


* JADE (particle detector)
* JADE (programming language)
* JADE, Japanese cipher machine
* JADE, Java Agent Development Framework
* Jade (SGML), software


* Jade (given name)
* Jade (name)
* Jade (color)
* Hong Kong TV channel
** TVB Jade
** TVB HD-Jade
* Bands:
** Jade (UK band), an English folk rock band from 1970
** Jade (U.S. band), an American R&B music group from the 1990s
* Titled expresssive works:
** "Jade" (film), a 1995 William Friedkin film
** "Jade" (album), an album by Sweetbox
* JADE, European Confederation of Junior Enterprises
* Jade Stadium in Christchurch, New Zealand

See also

* Jade plant
* Jade Emperor, Taoist god
* Jade engine, software

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