Operational Response Group

Operational Response Group
Operational Response Group
Australian Federal Police.png
Active 2005 - present
Country Australia
Branch Australian Federal Police
Role Law Enforcement, Domestic Counter-Terrorism and Tactical Law Enforcement
Size 200+ full-time Officers
Part of Under control of the Australian Federal Police
Garrison/HQ Canberra City ACT (HQ), Brisbane Queensland (FOB)
Nickname ORG
Engagements RAMSI, Black Saturday bushfires
Commissioner Tony Negus

The Operational Response Group is a police tactical group of the Australian Federal Police and part of the AFP's International Deployment Group (IDG)[1] able to support the AFP in both National and International tactical operations.[2].



In January 2005 the Australian Federal Police created what was then known as the Operational Response Team (ORT), a unit of specialist tactical police able to response and assist AFP officers engaged in overseas deployments as part of the International Deployment Groups response to the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, Honiara. The ORT was soon renamed the Operational Response Group and expanded to fulfill further operations and roles to support the AFP in 2006.


The Operational Response Group is the Australian Federal Police permanent specialist tactical and stability policing capability able to rapidly respond to civil disorder and international crisis, both nationally and internationally within 24 to 48 hours[3].

The Operational Response Group is defined as a police tactical group within the National Counter-Terrorism Committee arrangements providing the Australian Federal Government an offshore specialist and tactical policing response capability[4]. The unit provides similar capabilities to the AFP's Specialist Response and Security Team but focused on national and international deployments outside of the Australian Capital Territory for which the SRS has primary responsibility. The ORG was created to enhance the operational policing capabilities of the AFP's International Deployment Group (IDG) operating in the Pacific region.


The ORG consists of a number of specialist sub-units including: [5]

  • Tactical response teams,
  • Stability response teams,
  • Operational Support Unit (which includes)
    • Maritime Unit,
    • Marksman Reconnaissance Team,
    • Tactical Intelligence Unit,
    • Communications Response Team,
    • Air Support Unit.

Principal role

The ORG provides the AFP with a specialist tactical policing capability which includes the following roles [6], [7]:

  • effect high risk searches, search warrants and arrests,
  • support to public order policing,
  • remote rural patrols,
  • protection of people in high risk situations,
  • support to the security of members deployed to mission (such as RAMSI),
  • advanced training in specialist weaponry and less lethal capabilities,
  • rapid response for containment and restoration of civil disorder,
  • tactical negotiations, communications and marine operations support,
  • remote and covert surveillance,
  • prison-riot response and
  • major civil-disorder interventions.



  • Since 2005 the Operational Response Group has provided tactical police to assist the Australian Federal Police contingent with the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).
  • In 2006 ORG deployed to Tonga in response to rioting and civil disorder.
  • In 2008 the ORG deployed to East Timor[8],[9] in response to a request for assistance from the Government of East Timor after the assassination attempts on the President and Prime Minister[10].

Within Australia

  • February 2009 the AFP deployed 60 members of the Operational Response Group to assist the Victoria Police in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires [11], [12].

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