OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System

OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System
OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System
Type Private
Industry Software Engineering
Founded 2001
Headquarters Beaverton, Oregon
Key people Dexter Turner, President & CEO
Divisions Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Website www.opconnect.com

OpConnect Electric Vehicle Charging System, or OpConnect EVCS, is a charging solution for electric vehicles. It is manufactured by OpConnect LLC, Inc.[1] OpConnect EVCS consists of a smart grid enabled charging station for electric vehicles and proprietary battery charge-management software and other back-office support. The product was introduced in August 2009 at Plug-In 2009, an international event focused on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and their supporting infrastructure.[2]


Charging Stations

The OpConnect EVCS is one several providers of what the industry calls Electric Vehicle Support Equipment, or EVSE, specifically charging stations. The OpConnect EVCS supports charging up to four vehicles at a time using either Level 1 (120VAC) or Level 2 (240VAC) charging.[3] The OpConnect EVCS also features smart-grid features such as time-of-day charge management, and automatically sending drivers an e-mail or text message when their battery charge is completed. The company promotes itself as a solution to “range anxiety,” a purported problem in which consumers would be reluctant to purchase electric vehicles for fear of running out of battery power in the middle of a driving trip. OpConnect LLC advocates communities support a “rich” charging network, a conclusion reached in a November 2008 report by Idaho National Labs.[4] The company is in negotiations to install its OpConnect EVCS in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, and Florida.[1]

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