Oxford Department of International Development

Oxford Department of International Development

The Oxford Department of International Development (ODID), aka Queen Elizabeth House (QEH), is a department/institution at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, a unit of its Social Science Division, concerned with the study of international development, global governance, development economics and diplomacy.



QEH was founded as a result of a gift of £100,000 given by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer to the University of Oxford.[1] The donation was for the development of colonial studies and the establishment of an associated colonial centre. A further gift of £50,000 was given by the Colonial Development and Welfare Fund of the British government.

QEH received its Royal Charter in 1954. It was located at 21–22 St Giles in central Oxford from 1958 to 2005. In 1994, the Royal Charter was formally dissolved and the assets of QEH were transferred to Oxford University, with an Advisory Council for the Department. From 2006, the Department has been located in Mansfield Road, in the former School of Geography building. It is now formally known as the Oxford Department of International Development (Queen Elizabeth House).

The head of QEH was known as the Warden. The development economist Paul Streeten is a former Warden. The Warden had accommodation along with further residential units at 7–9 Banbury Road. The current Head of Department is Professor E. V. K. FitzGerald.


The Oxford Department of International Development offers some of the university's most prestigious and popular courses, in which the criteria for admission is high even by Oxford's standards.

The following degrees are offered:

MSc - Global Governance and Diplomacy

MSc - Economics for Development

MSc - Refugee and Forced Migration Studies - (This course was formerly known as the MSc in Forced Migration. Only the name of the course has changed, the course remains the same.)

MPhil - Development Studies

MSc - Migration Studies

DPhil - International Development


The Department has a number of associated centres.[2] These include the Refugee Studies Centre, established in 1982 and located in Worcester Street.

Other centers include:

Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE)

International Growth Centre (IGC)

International Migration Institute (IMI)

Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)

Refugee Studies Centre (RSC)

Young Lives


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