Kerala Legislative Assembly

Kerala Legislative Assembly

The Kerala Legislative Assembly is the law making body of Kerala, one of the 28 States in India. The Assembly is formed by 140 elected representatives and one nominated member from the Anglo-Indian community. Each elected member represents one of the 140 constituencies within the borders of Kerala and is referred to as Member of Legislative Assembly or M.L.A.


The evolution of "Kerala Legislative Assembly" begins with the formation of a Legislative Council in the princely state of Travancore in 1888. The "Legislative Council of Travancore" had undergone so many changes by years. By the meantime people’s participation in the Assembly was widely sought. All those efforts led to the formation of one more representative body, namely the Sri Moolam Popular Assembly of Travancore. This Assembly of the representatives of the landholders and merchants, aimed at giving the people an opportunity of bringing to the notice of Government their requirements, wishes or grievances on the one hand, and on the other, to make the policy and measures of Government better known to the people so that all possible grounds of misconception may be removed. That was in October 1, 1904. Though the popular assembly contained representatives of tax- payers, it finally became a people’s representatives body. Political awareness and people agitations were aggressive and the authorities were forced to include peoples representatives into the popular assembly. On May 1, 1905, a regulation was issued to grant to the people the privilege of electing members to the Assembly. Of the 100 members, 77 were to be elected and 23 nominated, for a tenure of 1 year. The right to vote was given to persons who paid on their account an annual land revenue of not less than Rs. 50 or whose net income was not less than Rs. 2000 and to graduates of a recognized University, with not less than 10 years standing and having their residence in the taluk. The membership of the popular assembly increased year by year and finally in 1921 elected representatives gained the majority. By that time the house had 50 members of which 28 were elected and the rest nominated. By this time the princely stated of Cochin also formed a "Legislative Council" (1925), with 30 elected and 15 nominated representatives. Malabar District of Madras Province under the British rule, had representatives in Madras Legislative Assembly from 1920's.

After India’s independence responsible governments were formed in Travancore and Cochin. In 1949 the merger of Travancore and Cochin and the first Legislative Assembly composed of 178 members of the Legislative bodies of Travancore and Cochin. The Malabar region had representatives in the Madras Legislative Assembly.

Assembly after the formation of Kerala State

In 1956, the State of Kerala was formed on linguistic basis, merging Travancore, Cochin and Malabar regions. The first general election in the Kerala State was held in February-March, 1957. The first "Kerala Legislative Assembly" was formed on March 1, 1957. The Assembly had 127 members including a nominated member.

The State Assembly is known as Niyama Sabha and is housed in New Legislature Complex. This 10 storied complex is one of the largest complexes in India. The Central Hall is described as most elegant and majestic hall with ornamental Teakwood-Rosewood panelling.

List of current members of the Kerala Legislative Assembly

(Not complete. See [ Election Database] for full list.)

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