Shit on You

Shit on You

Infobox Single
Name = Shit on You

Artist = D12
from Album = Devil's Night (bonus disc)
Released = 2000
Format = CD
Recorded =
Genre = Hip hop
Length = 5:02
Label = Shady / Interscope
Producer = DJ Head
Chart position = *#2 (Billboard Hot Rap Singles)
*#4 (Canada)
*#10 (UK)
*#12 (Ireland)
Reviews =
Last single =
This single = "Shit on You"
Next single = "Purple Pills"

Unreferenced|date=December 2007Inappropriate tone|date=December 2007Cleanup|date=December 2007"Shit on You" is a hip hop song by D12. It was their commercial debut single, released in the year 2000, and it achieved some success by reaching the top 10 of the UK Singles Chart. It wasn't included in the original edition of their 2001 debut album "Devil's Night", but instead it was put on a bonus disc in some limited editions (such as the European and Australian releases), and also on the deluxe edition of "".

The song features references to John Candy, JonBenét Ramsey, Richard Pryor, and Steve Stout, while Eminem's line referring to the band as "five more zany-actin' maniacs in action" harks back to his original underground album "Infinite".

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5'9", who at the time was beefing with D12 member Bizarre, made a song called "Shit on U" as a diss track using the "Shit on You" beat. Proof, the only group member not to rap in the original song, also utilised the beat in a solo cover version called "Shootatcha" in 2002, available from his website.

The video

The video was shot on location in Detroit, the band performing in various locations around their home city, such as Fox Theatre, Brewster-Douglass Housing Projects, the Joe Louis Memorial, Michigan Central Station, Comerica Park, and Runyon Avenue. The entire video is in black-and-white, apart from some cutaway sequences (including Bizarre living in a run-down house and Eminem as an angry old man). Although Proof does not appear in the song, he provides a spoken introduction to the video, and is seen alongside his bandmates.

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