Nicking enzyme amplification reaction

Nicking enzyme amplification reaction

Nicking Enzyme Amplification Reaction (NEAR) is a method for in vitro DNA amplification like the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). NEAR is isothermal, replicating DNA at a constant temperature using a polymerase (and nicking enzyme) to exponentially amplify the DNA at a temperature range of 55 °C to 59 °C.

The disadvantage of PCR is that it consumes a lot of time with uncoiling the double-stranded DNA with heat into single strands (a process called denaturation) and copying the single strands to create new double-stranded DNA (synthesis). This leads to amplification times typically thirty minutes or more for significant production of amplified products.[citation needed]

The advantages of NEAR over PCR are increased speed, reduced costs, lower energy requirements and the ability to perform the reaction in the field.[citation needed] The disadvantage of NEAR to PCR is that background production is a common issue with reactions due to the infancy of the technology.[citation needed]


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