List of rulers of Asante

List of rulers of Asante
Asantehene of the
Ashanti Empire
Osei Tutu II

since 26 April 1999
Style Your Majesty
Term length Life
Inaugural holder Osei Tutu Opemsoo
1701 to 1717
Formation 1670

The Akan state of Asanteman (also known as the Empire of Ashanti or Ashanti Confederacy) comprised part of present-day southern Ghana and portions of present-day eastern Côte d'Ivoire.

The Asantehene is the ruler of the Ashanti people. While today it is a strictly ceremonial role, it was once a position of great power as the leader of the Ashanti Empire. The Asantehene is enthroned on a golden stool, known as the Sika 'dwa, and the office is sometimes referred to by this name.

The current Asantehene is Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, born Nana Kwaku Dua. He was one of seven descendants who were eligible for the position.

The Asantehene also holds the title of Asantehene, ruler of Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region. However, the modern capital of Ghana is Accra, which was the most important town of the confederacy of the Ga people, and was historically under a different kingship.


Elections and regents

During the period between the death of an Asantehene and the election of a successor, the Mamponghene, the second most powerful ruler, acts as a regent. This rule was only changed during a time of civil war in the late nineteenth century, when the Kwasafomanhyiamu, or governing council itself ruled as regent. The succession is decided by a series of councils of local notables and other royal family members.


The Ashanti Confederacy was made a British protectorate in 1902. The office of Asantehene was discontinued. In 1926, the British permitted the repatriation of Prempeh I, and allowed him to adopt the title Kumasehene, but not Asantehene. However, in 1935, the British finally allowed the title of Asantehene to be revived.

On March 6, 1957, the Ashanti Protectorate, Northern Territories, Gold Coast Crown Colony, and British Mandate of Togoland were united to form the modern state of Ghana. The office of Asantehene is one of the sub-national traditional rulers of Ghana, and is protected by the Ghanaian constitution.

List of rulers

Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office.

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Asantehenes (Asante Ahenfo - Kings of Asante)
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
ante1600 Foundation of Kwaaman state
c.1570 to ? Otumfuo Nana Twum, the Kwaamanhene
???? to c.1600 Otumfuo Nana Antwi, the Kwaamanhene
c.1600 to c.1630 Otumfuo Nana Kobia Amamfi, the Kwaamanhene
c.1630 to c.1640 Otumfuo Nana Oti Akenten, the Kwaamanhene
Kumaseman State renamed
c.1640 to c.1660 Otumfuo Nana Oti Akenten, the Kumasehene
c.1660 to 1680 Otumfuo Nana Obiri Yeboa, the Kumasehene Established Kumase as capital of Asante
1675/1680 to 1701 Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu Opemsoo, the Kumasehene Founder of Asanteman. Reign continues as Asantehene.
Asanteman Confederation
1701 to 1717 Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu Opemsoo, the Asantehene
Beretuo Dynasty
1717 to 1720 Amaniampon, the Mamponghene Regent
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
1720 to 1750 Otumfuo Nana Opoku Ware Katakyie, the Asantehene
(Opoku Tenten)
1750 to 1764 Otumfuo Nana Kusi Oboadum, the Asantehene Forced to abdicate
Beretuo Dynasty
1764 to 1764 Safo Kantanka, the Mamponghene Regent
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
1764 to 1777 Otumfuo Nana Osei Kwadwo Okoawia, the Asantehene
(Osei Kumaa)
1777 to 1803 Otumfuo Nana Osei Kwame, the Asantehene Forced to abdicate
Beretuo Dynasty
1777 to 1777 Atakora Kwame, the Mamponghene Regent
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
1777 to 1803 Otumfuo Nana Osei Kwame Panyin, the Asantehene
December 1803 to March 1804 Otumfuo Nana Opoku Fofie, the Asantehene
1804 to 1807 Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu Kwame Asiba, the Asantehene Added Bonsu to name in 1807
1807 to 21 January 1824 Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu Kwame Asiba Bonsu, the Asantehene
1824 to 21 February 1834 Otumfuo Nana Osei Yaw Akoto, the Asantehene
25 August 1834 to 27 April 1867 Otumfuo Nana Kwaku Dua I, the Asantehene
28 May 1867 to 26 October 1874 Otumfuo Nana Kofi Karikari, the Asantehene Forced to abdicate
Beretuo Dynasty
26 October 1874 to 1874 Kwabena Dwomo, the Mamponghene Regent
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
1874 to 8 March 1883 Otumfuo Nana Mensa Bonsu, the Asantehene Forced to abdicate
Asante Civil War
1883 to 1888 Civil War
Kwasafomanhyiamu - Interim Council
8 March 1883 to 28 April 1884 Kwasafomanhyiamu
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
28 April 1884 to 11 June 1884 Otumfuo Nana Kwaku Dua II, the Asantehene Died after short illness.
Kumasehyiamu - Interim Council
11 June 1884 to November 1884 Owusu Kofi, Chairman
November 1884 to 1887 Akyampon Panyin, Chairman
Beretuo Dynasty
1887 to 26 March 1888 Owusu Sekyere II, the Mamponghene Regent. Asante Civil War ends
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
26 March 1888 to 12 May 1931 Otumfuo Nana Prempeh I, the Asantehene Original throne name: Kwaku Dua III Asamu
22 June 1931 to 27 May 1970 Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II, the Asantehene
6 July 1970 to 25 February 1999 Otumfuo Nana Opoku Ware II, the Asantehene
Beretuo Dynasty
25 February 1999 to 26 April 1999 Osei Bonsu II, the Mamponghene Regent
Oyoko Abohyen Dynasty
26 April 1999 to present Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene

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