Moses Samuel

Moses Samuel

Moses Samuel (London, 1795–Liverpool, 1860) was a clockmaker, translator of Hebrew works and writer.



His parents were Emanuel Menachem Samuel and Hanna Hinde; his father moved from Kempen in Posen in Silesia (now Kępno in Poland) to London. Moses with his mother moved to Liverpool around 1805. He went into business, not with any great success, but founding what later became the H. Samuel chain.[1]


He was the originally anonymous translator of the Italian Jewish kabbalah text Book of Jasher (Venice, 1625) which later became a para-canonical[clarification needed] text in the Church of Latter-day Saints.[citation needed] He later wrote "I did not put my name to it as my Patron and myself differed about its authenticity".[2] The patron was Mordecai Noah, the New York publisher, who purchased the text after the Royal Asiatic Society declined it.

He also translated works of Moses Mendelssohn (notably Jerusalem, London, 1838) into English. An orthodox Jew, he campaigned against both the Reform Jewish movement, and as author of An Address to the Missionaries of Great Britain against Christian efforts to proselytize Jews. He co-edited The Cup of Salvation - Kos Yeshuot, a magazine in Hebrew and English, with D. M. Isaacs.[1]


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