Moll (slang)

Moll (slang)

Moll (pronounced /ˈmoʊl/) is Australian and New Zealand slang, usually pejorative or self-deprecating, for a woman of loose sexual morals, a bitch, a slut or a prostitute. The term can also be used for a girlfriend of a thief, gangster, surfie or bikie.

Pronunciation and spelling

The origins of moll is gun moll, which was used to describe the girlfriend of a gangster or thief, often but not necessarily a prostitute. As Australian pronunciation merges the phonemes /ɒ/ ([ɔ]) and /oʊ/ ([əʉ]) before /l/ (they both become [oʊl.

Use in popular culture

Puberty Blues was a 1981 movie based on the autobiographical novel by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey about their experiences of being 13-year-old girls on Sydney’s southern beaches. In both the novel and movie, girls were referred to as molls, bush pigs, top chicks or glam mags. [1]

"Game on, molls!" became a popular catchcry in 2006, after scheming contestant Anna used it on Australian reality television show Big Brother. [2][3] It spawned a range of novelty products such as T-shirts.

"Game on, moll!" was also used by Jordan Loukas, another reality television show contestant on Australia's Next Top Model in 2007 and subsequently became an advertising slogan for the show. [4]

Contestants on reality television show Aussie Ladette to Lady have often been described as molls. [5]


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