Middelbare Technische School (Haarlem)

Middelbare Technische School (Haarlem)
Middelbare Technische School
last housed Sterren College Haarlem
Verspronckweg, Haarlem, Netherlands
Type Public[1] Vocational school
Established 1919
Staff 82
Number of students 715

The Middelbare Technische School is a former MTS middelbare school on the Verspronckweg, Haarlem, The Netherlands. It is one of the oldest public vocational schools in Haarlem, built as a boys school in 1919, which grew out of the first Ambachtsschool that was located on the Kamperstraat.[2] It currently houses one of the locations of the Sterren College.



It was this school that had such a difficult time during WWII because it was run by National Socialists. After the war, it became the "Hoger Technische School" (HTS), and the young students were taught how to fix trams, trains, and airplanes.[2] On the Indonesian island Flores, many technical achievements were realized after being drawn and fabricated in this school.[2]

In 2010 the school and its history was one of the subjects at the Historisch Museum Haarlem's exhibition "Leren voor het Leven" (learning for life), a compilation of materials from various vocational schools in the Haarlem area.

Sterren College

The Sterren College school offers vmbo schooling today at a new location on the Badminton pad in Haarlem.


  1. ^ A public (openbare) school in the Netherlands is a school which receives only state funding, as opposed to special schools, which often receive religious funding too. See also: Schoolstrijd
  2. ^ a b c Deugd boven geweld, Een geschiedenis van Haarlem, 1245-1995, editted by Gineke van der Ree-Scholtens, 1995, ISBN 9065505040, p555

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