Mid 2011 Telangana protests

Mid 2011 Telangana protests
Locator map of the region of Telangana, India with district boundaries.

The Mid 2011 Telangana protests refers to a chain of protests and mass resignations following the Million March incident. Fearing law & order problem due to violence similar to the Million March incident, State police refused to give permission to TRS to hold their formation day public meeting in Parade grounds in Hyderabad. The state government sanctioned Rs 75 lakh for repair and re-installation of statues on Tank Bund, demolished during the Million March programme. Along with installation of the 16 statues, another new statue of social activist from Telangana, Komaram Bheem, would also be installed. Both TJAC & the Telangana Congress leaders set fresh deadlines to renew their agitation. On July 4, 2011 as many as 81 of 119 Telangana MLAs in the state, 12 out of 15 Telangana ministers in state, 13 out of 17 Telangana MPs in Lok Sabha, 1 Rajyasabha MP(Congress), 20 MLCs resigned protesting delay in the formation of Telangana. On July 20, 30-year-old Yadi Reddy was found dead 100 yards from Parliament House in Delhi. An eight-page suicide note says the young driver from greater Hyderabad region of Telangana was upset over the government not creating a new state for his homeland. The speaker of the AP assembly on July 23 summarily rejected the resignations of all 101 MLAs citing that they were made in an emotionally surcharged atmosphere.


April–July 2011

The logo of Osmania University

Fearing law & order problem due to violence similar to the Million March incident, State police refused to give permission to TRS to hold their formation day public meeting in Parade grounds in Hyderabad. In spite of the personal request to Union defence minister A K Antony by KCR, the defence ministry turned down the request as the party could not get police clearance.[1] Telangana political parties and organizations vowed to intensity the movement in May which was in suspended last 2 months due to students examinations. TRS party also threatened to include a 'boycott' of the academic year at all levels in the entire Telangana region.[2] Students of the Osmania University also had their summer vacation cancelled to conduct classes during the summer vacation and make up for the loss caused to academic activities due to Telangana agitation on the campus till March this year. A series of violent incidents on the campus had forced the university administration to postpone several exams.[3] Congress party's leadership also reportedly said they will take decision on Telangana after assembly elections concluding on May 10.[4][5][6][7] The state government sanctioned Rs 75 lakh for repair and re-installation of statues on Tank Bund, demolished during the Million March programme. Along with installation of the 16 statues, another new statue of social activist from Telangana, Komaram Bheem, would also be installed.[8]

According to government sources, Maoists are active in 1/3rd of districts in India including in all three regions of Andhra Pradesh.[9] Special Intelligence Branch (SIB) of Andhra Pradesh Police, which monitors the Maoists, gathered "credible information" about the outlaws carrying their activities under the banner of the TJAC. "When the agitation for a separate state began in late 2009, some Maoist elements joined ranks with the students of Osmania University and indulged in violence. Now, they seem to have 'graduated' to a higher level and started working under the so-called political JAC, though the latter as such exists only on paper," a top-ranking police official remarked.[10] Even during the Million March in 2011 militant elements were suspected to be behind the destruction of statues on Tank Bund.[11] On Jan 11, 2011, Madhu Yaskhi, Ruling Congress party MP, said "There is police deployment in every nook of Osmania University and Telangana. Not a single Maoist has been arrested despite police having draconian powers and having searched every hostel over and over again. That proves the lie, They(Andhra political leaders and Andhra dominated state bureaucracy) are raising the Maoist bogey to defame the movement."[12]

After the State Assembly Elections, it was reported that the Congress will wait till 2013 to announce a decision on Telangana issue.[13] Sources also reported that the Central government has decided against creation of Telangana state and will instead announce a Political & Economic package to the region including Deputy CM post for a leader from the region & also granting national status to the Pranahitha Chevella project. Any attempt at agreeing for the separate T demand was felt will make things difficult for Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal as a similar demand for Gorkhaland in that state can intensify into a big agitation.[14] Both TJAC & the Telangana Congress leaders set fresh deadlines to renew their agitation. While the TJAC threatened another Million March and bandhs starting June 10,[15] the Congress MPs have decided to wait till June 25 and resign if separate statehood is not achieved by then.[16][17] After this deadline, instead of resigning from their positions, they set another deadline till July 5 after which they vowed to launch an indefinite hunger strike.[18] As a solution to the Telangana problem, Congress has implemented a clause in the Gentlemen Agreement by appointing Damodar Raja Narasimha a Dailt leader from the Telangana region as the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.[19] In a unique form of protest, people from all walks of life came together on Hyderabad's roads on June 19 on a call given by Telangana JAC for 'vanta vaarpu' or a cook-and-eat agitation to demand a separate Telangana state. While various groups made arrangements on a massive scale for cooking food on roads, families set up small kitchens with gas stoves.[20]

Mass resignations

On July 4, 2011 as many as 81 of 119 Telangana MLAs in the state, 12 out of 15 Telangana ministers in state, 13 out of 17 Telangana MPs in Lok Sabha, 1 Rajyasabha MP(Congress), 20 MLCs resigned protesting delay in the formation of Telangana. Resigned included 42 out of 50 ruling Congress party's MLAs from Telangana, 9 out of 12 ruling Congress party MPs in Lok Sabha from Telangana. JAC did not ask for the resignations of 12 Telangana MLAs who resigned in February 2010 on this issue and got re-elected in bye-elections in July 2010.[21][22][23] 3 MPs (2 from Congress) elected from the greater Hyderabad region(Hyderabad district and most of Ranga Reddy district) have not yet responded to JAC's call for resignations. 10 out of 14 congress MLAs from Greater Hyderabad region resigned. 13 out of 25 MLAs from greater Hyderabad region resigned. 1MP and 7MLAs belongs to MIM who elected from Hyderabad region did not resign.[24][25] [26][27] On July 5, MLAs from TRS(11), BJP(2), CPI(4), Congress(2) resigned took the total of Telangna MLAs resigned to 100 out of 118(1 vacant). Except 18 MLAs; MIM(7), Congress(9) (including two ministers, Deputy speaker and Deputy CM) CPM(1), Lok Satta(1); the rest of the Telangana MLAs have resigned in support of Telangana state formation.[28] Asaduddin Owaisi, president of MIM also met the Chief Minister to reiterate their stand that his party prefers a united state citing Muslim interest & safety.[29] He also said, if Telangana state is formed, Hyderabad should be part of Telangana.[30] Zaheer Ali Khan, managing editor of Urdu paper, Siasat, says "The MIM disfavours Telangana, but the larger Muslim sentiment in the city is in favour of a separate state,".[29]

As part of the 2 day bandh declared by the JAC in Telangana region, agitators stopped IT professionals from attending work in some instances.[31] The Telangana Advocates Joint Action Committee (TAJAC) threatened that people who do not support separate statehood of Telangana will not be permitted to stay in Hyderabad.[32] The panchayati raj minister, Mr K. Jana Reddy, also warned the Congress central leadership that if it doesn’t take any decision on the state bifurcation issue soon, the state will face a law and order problem, including largescale violence in both the regions which will continue for many more years to come.[33] The South Central Railway suffered Rs. 50 crores loss due to rail roko campaign launched by the TRS & JAC.[34][35] The high court also issued notices to KCR & Prof. Kodandaram in this regard.[36] There were a total of 8 bandhs in 27 working days between June 13 and July 14.[37] On July 11, 200 Telangana students started indefenite hunger strike protesting the delay in Telangana state formation. 120 of them ended the strike after 2days and the rest after 4days due to ill health and on the request of Telangana JAC.[38] Though the original plan was to make 10,000 students sit on hunger strike, less than 150 turned up and only 50 managed to remain till evening. Even the initial rush was accounted to "visitors" and not those who were willing to sit on the fast.[39] On July 13 and 14, resigned Telangana Congress representatives(MPs, MLAs, MLCs) were on hunger strike due to their party's central leadership's silence on Telangana issue even after their resignations.[40]

On July 20, 30-year-old Yadi Reddy was found dead 100 yards from Parliament House in Delhi. An eight-page suicide note says the young driver from greater Hyderabad region of Telangana was upset over the government not creating a new state for his homeland. He goes to Delhi all the way from Hyderabad just to commit suicide. Suicide letter addresses Prime minister and ruling Congress party president.[41][42] Telangana JAC called for road blockade on July 21 though out Telangana in memory of him.[43] Telangana representatives, including those from ruling party, requested the in-charge of state owned guest house in Delhi, AP Bhavan, to house the deadbody so that the they can pay last respects to Telangana martyr, but it was denied. The officer wrote a letter to Delhi police that Yadi Reddy's body should not be allowed in AP Bhavan and instead should be directly sent to the cremation ground after post-mortem.[44] Protesting against the "lack of respect" shown for "Telangana Martyr", TRS leaders including MLAs and former MPs got violent in the AP Bhavan in Delhi. Harish Rao & KTR also assaulted a government officer. This led to protests from Dailt leaders who condemned the attack on a Dailt officer by Harish Rao.[45] The officer who was slapped says that Mr Rao later apologised to him; he also said he wrote the letter under instructions from higher officials.[46][47] Amid tight security, the body was airlifted from Delhi to Hyderabad and was moved to his native village after arresting scores of Telangana supporters who want to bring the body in procession to Telangana martyr's memorial.[48] Telangana JAC called for Telangana shutdown on July 22 to protest the insult to Telangana Martyr.[49]

BJP Party leader Sushma Swaraj

About 80% buses ran in the Greater Hyderabad region during the bandh. There was also an attack on the farmhouse of a TDP MLA. At least 12 RTC buses worth Rs. 8 crore were damaged in the city and around 638 persons were taken into preventive custody and 41 cases were booked under Section 151 of CrPc. Four cases were registered against agitators for attacks on private and government properties.[50] The speaker of the AP assembly on July 23 summarily rejected the resignations of all 101 MLAs citing that they were made in an emotionally surcharged atmosphere.[51] The T Congress leaders then set another deadline till July 31 to continue with their agitations.[52] All Telangana MPs who earlier submitted their resignations and were boycotting the parliament session also decided to attend the parliament monsoon session citing Sonia Gandhi's ill health.[53] KCR also remarked in his speech that he would rather die consuming poison than facing the humilation if separate state is not created.[54] This statement was criticized by many leaders suggesting that this will provoke youth to commit suicides.[55][56] In a protest seeking deletion of 14(f) section from presidential order, TRS youth wing leaders tore pages of the state song in government text books and made a bonfire of them.[57] On August 5, Leader of opposition in Parliament, Sushma Swaraj, talked about Telangana movement in last 55 years, criticized the government for the delay in the formation of Telangana and criticized the Sri Krishna committee report saying it done injustice to the people of Telangana while quoting the suicide letter of Yadi Reddy who committed suicide on July 20 near the Parliament protesting the delay in the formation of Telangana.[58][59][60][61] On September 8,2011 a World record breaking number of Postcards were sent by the youth and students of Ramagundam - Godavarikhani Town Area to the Prime Minister of India, Dr.Manmohan Singh demanding immediate formation of Telangana State with Hyderabad as its capital. A total of 15095 postcards were sent in 12 different languages creating a new World record of sending most number of postcards on a single day from a single location in an event organized by the members of FCI YUWA - Fertilizer City Youth Welfare Association.[62][63][64]

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