Acqua pazza (wine)

Acqua pazza (wine)

The drink acqua pazza is a type of wine by-product made by peasants in the Tuscan region of Italy from the leftovers of wine production. Also called acquarello, mezzone, or vinello, it has been described as "a watered down wine of second choice" by Apergi and Bianco (1991, 87).[1]


In Tuscany, the mezzadria peasants were involved in wine production, but most of the wine produced went to the landlord. This leaving little left for them to drink, they would supply themselves with wine by mixing the stems, seeds, and pomace left over from the wine production with large quantities of water, bringing it to a boil, then hermetically sealing it in a terracotta vase and letting it ferment for several days. It was then drunk just as it was, slightly effervescent.[1]

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