Chieftain of the Antes
Reign -560
Religious beliefs Paganism

Mezamir or Mezamer was a 6th-century South Slavic (Antes) chieftain that ruled around 560.

Menander Protector writes about Mezamir in his works.

He was son of Antae King Idarisius (Idariz), and had a brother, Kelagast (Celagast).[1] Mezamir founded a Slavic confederation before 560[2] and became a very powerful leader, at the beginning more powerful than the Avars.[3]

The Avars pillaged the Antae lands, which at the time were neighbouring the Kutrigurs, allies to the Avars. The Antae sent Mezamir with his brother, Kelagast as an envoy to the Avar Khagan Bayan I to negotiate the release of Antae prisoners and to make an agreement, the envoy was however slain because of the arrogance of Mezamir, the Kutrigur Khan Zabergan[4] persuaded the Khagan: "This man is the most powerful of all amongst the Antae and is able to resist any of his enemies whatsoever. Kill him, and then you will be able to overrun the enemy's land without fear." The Avars nonchaled the immunity of ambassadors.[5]

Preceded by
Chieftain of the Antae
Succeeded by



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