Medb ingen Indrechtach

Medb ingen Indrechtach

Medb ingen Indrechtach, Queen of Ailech, fl. 8th century.


Family tree

    Indrechtaig, died 723.                                                    
    |                    |                     |      |              |               
    |                    |                     |      |              |               
    Áed Balb (died 742)  Muiredach (died 732)  Tadg   Murgal         Medb      
                                              =?                   = Áed Oirdnide     
                                               |                     |
                                               |                     |
                                               Tipraiti              Niall Caille
                                               |                     |
                                               |                     |
                                         Síol Muireadaigh        Áed Findliath



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  • Gearoid Mac Niocaill (1972), Ireland before the Vikings, Dublin: Gill and Macmillan

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