Medals of the Bangladesh Armed Forces

Medals of the Bangladesh Armed Forces

The following are the various gallantry, service and war medals of the Bangladesh Armed Forces (in alphabetical order)[1][2][3][4][5].



BDR Padak (Bangladesh Rifles Medal)

See Ribbon 1

Bir Bikram (Gallantry Medal)

See Ribbon 2

Bir Protik (Gallantry Medal)

See Ribbon 3

Bir Uttom (Gallantry Medal)

See Ribbon 4

The Campaign Star

See Ribbon 5

Dabanal Padak

See Ribbon 6

Golden Jubilee Medal

See Ribbon 7

Gurnijar 1991 Medal (Cyclone Relief of 1991)

See Ribbon 8

Jestha Padak I (10 years service)

See Ribbon 9

Jestha Padak II (20 years service)

See Ribbon 10

Jestha Padak III (25 years service)

See Ribbon 11

Joy Padak (Victory Medal)

See Ribbon 12

Mahaplaban 1998 Medal (Great Flood Relief of ’91)

See Ribbon 13

Nirapotta Medal

See Ribbon 14

Order of Military Merit

See Ribbon 15

Plaban 1998 Medal (Flood Relief of ’98)

See Ribbon 16

Rono Taroka Medal

See Ribbon 17

Samar Padak

See Ribbon 18

Sangshadia Nirbachon 1991 (1991 National Elections Medal)

See Ribbon 19

Sangshadia Nirbachon 1996 (1996 National Elections Medal)

See Ribbon 20

Sangshadia Nirbachon 2001 (2001 National Elections Medal)

See Ribbon 21

Silver Jubilee Medal

See Ribbon 22

Sanghbidhan Padak (Constitution Medal)

See Ribbon 23

Victory Medal

See Ribbon 24

War Medal

See Ribbon 25


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