List of mayors of Mersin

List of mayors of Mersin

The following list is the list of mayors of Mersin, Turkey after the proclamation of Turkish republic.[1][2]

The mayors

Years Mayor Status of Mersin Notes
1924-27 Fuat Morel Provincial center
1927-29 Şevket Sümer Provincial center
1929-42 Mitat Toroğlu Provincial center
1942-44 Hakkı Deniz Provincial center
1944-47 Fuat Morel Provincial center
1947-50 Yusuf Kılınç Provincial center
1950-51 Müfide İlhan Provincial center First woman mayor of Turkey
1951-54 Fahri Merzeci Provincial center
1954-57 Zeki Ayan Provincial center
1957-57 Turgut Türkalp Provincial center
1957-60 Zeki Ayan Provincial center Second time
1960-60 Niyazi Bengisu Provincial center Appointed
1960-60 Avni Çırnaz Provincial center Appointed
1960-61 Aziz Avman Provincial center Appointed
1962-62 Bahri Erkmen Provincial center Appointed
1962-63 Ömer Lütfi Hancıoğlu Provincial center Appointed
1963-68 Zeki Ayan Provincial center Third time
1968-74 Muhittin Uyar Provincial center
1974-80 Kaya Mutlu Provincial center
1980-81 Fahri Öztürk Provincial center Appointed
1980-81 Ferruh Güven Provincial center Appointed
1982-83 A. Nafiz Demiröz Provincial center Appointed
1983-89 Okan Merzeci Provincial center
1989-94 Kaya Mutlu Provincial center [3] Second time
1994-97 Okan Merzeci Metropolitan center Second time
1997-99 Halil Kuriş Metropolitan center Acting
1999- .. Macit Özcan Metropolitan center


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  3. ^ After 1993 metropolitan center

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