APC or Apc or may refer to:


* Antigen-presenting cell in medicine/immunology
* APC (gene), a human gene that is classified as a tumor suppressor gene
* APC (protein), a human cancer-critical protein (product of APC (gene))
* Anaphase-promoting complex


* Armoured personnel carrier, an armoured fighting vehicle
* Armour-piercing capped, an anti-tank shell type
* Army Proficiency Certificate, the training syllabus of the Army Cadet Force


* Activated protein C, a protein involved in blood coagulation
* Allophycocyanin, a protein from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family
* Allylpalladium chloride dimer, a chemical compound
* Anaphase-promoting complex, a complex of several proteins activated during mitosis
* Antigen-presenting cell, a cell that displays foreign antigens
* A pharmaceutical tablet containing Aspirin, Phenacetin, and Caffeine.


* "APC" (magazine), a computer magazine in Australia
* Adaptive predictive coding, an analog-to-digital conversion system
* Advanced process control, a broad term within the control theory
* Alternative PHP Cache, a PHP accelerator program
* Application Program Command, a C1 control code
* Asynchronous Procedure Call, a function in the Windows API


* A.P.C., A french design group and clothing retailer
* Alien Property Custodian
* All People's Congress, a political party of Sierra Leone
* American Pie Council, an organization committed to preserving America's pie heritage
* American Plastics Council, a major trade association for the U.S. plastics industry
* APC by Schneider Electric, critical power and cooling services
* American Presbyterian Church, a Reformed Christian denomination in the United States
* Animal Procedures Committee, a UK public body and task force
* Anti-Poverty Committee, a direct action organization in Vancouver, Canada
* Arab Potash Company in Jordan
* Armed Proletarians for Communism, an Italian far-left terrorist group of the 1970s
* Arrangers' Publishing Company, a sheet music publishing company in the United States
* Asia Pacific College, a joint venture between IBM Philippines and the SM Foundation
* Associated Presbyterian Churches, a Scottish Christian denomination
* Association for Progressive Communications, an association for providing communication infrastructure
* aPOCALYPSE pRODUCTION cREW, an MP3 warez organization


* A Perfect Circle, an alternative rock band
* Apc, Hungary, a village in the Heves county of Hungary
* Argon plasma coagulation, an endoscopic technique for controlling hemorrhage
* Attoparsec, an unusual unit of measurement
* Napa County Airport (IATA airport code), near Napa, California
* Atari Punk Console, a simple DIY noisemaker circuit
* Australian Provincial Championship, a rugby union competition in Australia
* Automatic Performance Control, a system that was used on some Saab H engines
* Average propensity to consume, the proportion of income spent

ee also

* APC-7 connector, a coaxial connector used for high frequency applications

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