Maldives Police Service

Maldives Police Service
Maldives Police Service
ދިވެހި ފުލުހުންގެ ޚިދުމަތް
Agency overview
Formed September 1, 2004
Preceding agency March 29, 1933
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
the Maldives
Population 369,031 (July 2007 est.)
Legal jurisdiction Republic of Maldives
Constituting instrument The Police Act, 5/2008
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Shaheed Hussain Adam Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, Maldives
Elected officer responsible Hassan Afeef, Minister of Home Affairs
Agency executive Ahmed Faseeh, Commissioner of Police
Parent agency Ministry of Home Affairs
Police Stationss 60

The Maldives Police Service is the civilian national police force of the Republic of Maldives. It is responsible for enforcing criminal and traffic law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace throughout Maldives. The organization comes under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs.


History of the force

A Police force was established by Law on 29 March 1933, during the kingdom of A-Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen III. The service consisted initially of 120 officers, organised into duty shifts. Officers were issued with uniforms of Maldivian Traditional dress of Mundu and Libaas plus Black Cap, Belt and straps on duty. They were equipped with batons and issued whistles for communication. The police worked with the assistance of the military when needed . The initial Investigation office was small with only three investigation tables . The three tables in the investigating office represented three sections of the service- Theft, Political and Serious Crimes. The Police force was soon disbanded although the initial law was not revoked. The police force was formally re-established on 13 March 1972, as a branch of the security force, which were then known as National Guards, functioning under the Ministry of Public Safety. The operating procedures of service established in 1933 were maintained until the election of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on 11th of November 1978 when the force was re-structured. In 1970 to the building that has since become the National Security Service library. New sections formed; traffic control and road accidents became the responsibility of the police. In 1985 the headquarters was re-located to the building of the current Ministry of Defense. Apart from an Admin Section, five investigation sections were formed. Moving again to Shaheedh Hussain Adam Building in 1999.

Organization Structure

Commissioner’s Directorate
  • Commissioners Secretariat
  • Grievance Unit
  • Correspondence & Management Unit
  • Media Coordination Unit
  • International Liaison Unit
Professional Standards Directorate
  • Administration Unit
  • Internal Investigation Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Counseling Unit
Strategic Planning Directorate
  • Strategy Formulation and Implementation Unit
  • Performance Audit Unit
  • Legal Unit

Crime Management Command

  • Administration Unit
Criminal Investigation Directorate
  • Drug Enforcement Department
  • Serious & Organized Crime Department
  • Family & Child Protection Department
  • Property & Commercial Crime Department
  • Major Crime Investigation Department
Investigation Support Directorate
  • Forensic Department
  • Police Custodial Department
  • Intelligence Department
  • Bureau of Crime Records

Operations & Regional Policing Command

  • Administration Unit
Operations Directorate
  • Capital Police Department
  • Traffic Police Department
  • Crime Prevention Department
  • Marine Police Department
  • Specialist Operations
Regional Policing Directorate
  • Upper North Police Division
  • North Police Division
  • North Central Police Division
  • Central Police Division
  • South Central Police Division
  • Upper South Police Division
  • South Police Division

Resource Management Command

  • Administration Unit
Support Services Directorate
  • Finance Department
  • Integrated Services Department
  • Logistical Services Department
  • Automotive Engineering Department
Service Development Directorate
  • Human Resource Department
  • Information & Communication Technology Department
  • Police Academy

Rank Structure

Commissioned Ranks

  • Commissioner of Police
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police
  • Chief Superintendent of Police
  • Superintendent of Police
  • Chief Inspector of Police
  • Inspector of Police
  • Sub Inspector of Police

Other Ranks

  • Police Chief Station Inspector
  • Police Station Inspector
  • Police Staff Sergeant
  • Police Sergeant
  • Police Corporal
  • Police Lance Corporal
  • Police Constable

Senior Officers

Serving Officers

  • Commissioner of Police Ahmed Faseeh
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Ismail Atheef - Head of Crime Management Command
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Ahmed Muneer - Head of Resource Management Command
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Sadiq - Head of Professional Standards Directorate
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Ali Rasheed - Head of Criminal Investigation Directorate
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef - Head of Operations Directorate
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed - Head of Strategic Planning Directorate

Retired Officers

  • Commissioner of Police Adam Zahir
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Shukoor Abdulla
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Ibrahim Latheef
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohamed Fayaz
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police Mohamed Rishwan
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Hussen Shakir
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Ibrahim Rasheed
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz

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