Magonia (magazine)

Magonia (magazine)

Magonia is a British journal focused on UFO phenomena. Its name comes from Passport to Magonia, a book by Ufologist Jacques Vallée. Vallée in turn had borrowed the term from Magonia, a magical land described by French folklore.

The journal explores related areas of belief and unusual behaviour, focusing on the sociology and social history of UFO believers and related belief systems e.g. imaginary friends, paracosms and trance channelling. The writers, columnists, and editors of Magonia do not support the extraterrestrial hypothesis or ETH, which theorizes that UFOs are vehicles from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Instead, Magonia promotes the alternative psychosocial hypothesis to explain UFO sightings and incidents. According to this theory, UFOs are not "real vehicles" in a physical sense, but can instead be explained as a product of psychological and/or social factors acting upon both individuals and large groups of people.

Contributors to Magonia have often been critical of ufologists (particularly American ufologists) who promote the ETH. They have also criticized[1] Jerome Clark, a prominent American Ufologist and historian, but have praised his work on several occasions[2] [3] [1] [4]


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