Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam

Dumkhar Hydroelectric Dam

Dumkhar Hydroelectricity is a run of the river power project on the Indus river in the Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, India, located at about 128 km from Leh city on Leh-Khalsi Batalik road at Latitude 34° 28’ 09” North, Longitude 76° 40’ 06″ East. The project cost is Rs. 527.45 crores including IDC at June, 2003 price level.

Scope of works

The Dumkhar Hydro-electricity project envisages construction of:

  • A 42 m high and 220m long concrete gravity dam across river Indus with FRL 2856 m and MDDL 2853 m.
  • Two nos. diversion tunnels, horse shoe shaped, 10 m dia, 450m long.
  • A surface power house having an installation of 3 nos vertical shaft Kaplan turbines, each unit having generation capacity of 15 MW under rated net head of 27.83 m

Technical specification

Type: Concrete gravity dam
Top elevation of dam: El 2857.0 m
Height of dam above: 42m
Length of dam at top: 220m

Diversity tunnel
Number: 2 Nos
Dia & Shape: 10 m dia horse shoe
Length: 450 m

Full reservoir level (FRL): El 2856 m
Maximum water level (MWL): El 2856.0 m
Min.Draw Down Level (MDDL): El 2853.0 m

Gross storage
at FRL: 26.4 Mcum
at MDDL: 23.0 Mcum
Area under submergence at FRL: 2.85 km2

Design flood: 4650 m³/s
Type: Orifice type
Crest elevation El 2830 m
Number & size of pillway opening: 4 No, 8.2 m x 12 m
Energy dissipation: Stilling Basin
Length of spillway: 56.8 m

Invert level: El 2841 m
Number: 3
Size of gate opening: 3.2 m x 4.0 m
Trash rack: Inclined type

Number: 3 Nos
Size: 4 m dia
Shape: Circular
Design discharge: 67.23 m³/s

Power house
Type : Surface
Machine Hall: 50 mX 19.5 m
Service Bay: 23m X 19.5m
Installed capacity: 3X15 MW
Number of units: 3 Nos
Type of turbine: Vertical shaft Kaplan
Maximum gross head: 32m
Rated net head: 27.83 m

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