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King's School, Ely



In November 1999, a Chinese pupil was kidnapped as he left the school premises, and held by three men. Police were able to apprehend them; it is thought the boy was about to be drowned in the River Thames, as ropes and ties were found in the vehicle.] As well as the core subjects, the school has recently expanded its A Level range to include politics and more creative subjects, such as textiles and fashion, media studies and photography.cite web | title = Curriculum in the senior school at A Level | work = About King's | publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] Other subjects that are available in sixth form include classics, economics, psychology and religious studies.cite web | title = Subject choices for A Level students | work = About King's | publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14]



The following table shows the percentage of GCSE entrants who obtained at least 5 A* to C class grades. [

cite web |title=King's exam results|publisher=The King's School, Ely|url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-07-14 ] In 2007, 94 students took at least 1 GCSE exam at King's , 26.6% of whom had a recognised special educational need.citenews|url=|title=King's Ely League Tables, 2007|publisher=BBC|date=2008-01-10|accessdate=2008-07-12]

King's Junior School

The school has its own junior school, which is separate from the senior school, although shares many of its facilities. It has around 343 pupils [cite web |title=Accounts for year ending 2007|publisher=Charity Commission |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-09-03 ] from Year 3 (approximately 7) to Year 8 (aged 13). The junior school has its own faculty of staff, own administration and management and a self contained block of classrooms. This was complemented in 2003 by a new building which contained classrooms and other facilities, primarily for Year 7 and 8 pupils. The majority of Year 8 pupils can expect to transfer into King's Senior School. The Head of the junior school was Tony Duncan until his retirement at Easter 2008, while an acting head is now in place.cite web | title = Junior School staff| publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-13]

Like many independent schools, the junior school has a house system, with each pupil belonging to one. It forms an integral part of life at the school and there are frequent inter-house events in sports as well as the arts. The current houses are:All boarding pupils in Priory and Choir House are also affiliated to a day house for everyday school activities, such as house meetings and competitions.

King's Acremont

King's Acremont Nursery and Pre-Prep occupies a Georgian-style house on Egremont Street, [,_Ely_Kings_Acremont_Nursery_and_Pre-Prep.html ISBI profile of King's Acremont and Nursery] Independent Special Boarding International, accessed 14 July 2008] a ten-minute walk from the main campus.cite web | title = Contact details for King's Acremont| work = |publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] Children are admitted to the nursery from age two-and-a-half and almost all pupils transfer into Year 3 of King's Junior School at age seven.cite web | title = Acremont House FAQs: Is there automatic transfer to the Juniro School?|publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] Acremont pupils join the rest of the school for major events in the cathedral where they stage their annual Christmas production. Acremont received an 'excellent' rating in its 2003 Ofsted inspection, with inspectors saying "Young children are given an excellent start to their education … the warm, welcoming environment promotes learning and there is an excellent relationship between children, parents and teachers." [,_Ely_Kings_Acremont_Nursery_and_Pre-Prep.html ISBI profile of King's Acremont and Nursery] Independent Special Boarding International, accessed 14 July 2008] Annual fees are between £6,480 and £6,975 and there are 11 full time and 7 part time staff for the 162 pupils. [,_Ely_Kings_Acremont_Nursery_and_Pre-Prep.html ISBI profile of King's Acremont and Nursery] Independent Special Boarding International, accessed 14 July 2008]

International Study Centre

The International Study Centre was started primarily as a link school, so students who had little English speaking ability could orientate into the language, and eventually go to the senior school or other English-speaking public schools, normally in the sixth form. The centre offers both a 2-year and a 1-year GCSE programme.cite web | title = Academic|work = "Kings International Study Centre"|publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] The centre recommends that students attend the summer school preceding their arrival, which includes basic English as well as social activities to helps adapt to English culture.cite web | title = Summer school|work = "Kings International Study Centre"|publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] In the last 3 years, King's has integrated the study centre into the main school, with more shared activities in sports and academia. The study centre uses many of the main schools facilities like the dining hall and sports facilitiescite web | title = Welcome to KISC|work = "Kings International Study Centre"|publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] , despite being, physically at least, relatively isolated from the rest of the school—opposite the Oliver Cromwell Museum near the Cathedral.cite web | title = International study centre address|publisher = iCambridgeshire | url ='s-International-Study-Centre | accessdate = 2008-07-14] cite web | title = Address|work = "Kings International Study Centre"|publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] The termly fees for the study centre are £8400, or £25,200 per year, plus a refundable deposit of £3000.cite web | title = Fees|work = "Kings International Study Centre"|publisher = King's School, Ely | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-14] There were 41 pupils in attendance in the academic year 2006-2007. [cite web |title=Accounts for year ending 2007|publisher=Charity Commission |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-09-03 ]

Fees and charitable status

The fees for a full boarding child in the senior school are £21,510 (2007-08). [cite web |title=Current Fees table |publisher=The King's School, Ely |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-07-06 ] Like most public schools, King's (as a non-profit educational body) is a registered charitycite web | title = Charity information for The King's School, Ely|publisher = The Charity Commission | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-13] , and as such benefits from substantial tax breaks. It was calculated by David Jewell, master of Haileybury, that in 1992 such tax breaks save the school about £1,945 per pupil per year. The school offers hardship bursaries, of which is gave over £1 million in 2007, and scholarships and grants whiched totalled £350,000. [cite web |title=Accounts for year ending 2007|publisher=Charity Commission |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-09-03 ] These include music scholarships—amounting to around two-thirds for choristers whilst serving in the Cathedral Choir, and a third scholarship upon their continuation as a pupil in the Senior School. There are further major and minor scholarships for music, sports and academic performance. The Senior School occasionally offers a large major scholarship for a promising organist or musician who is of a particularly high quality. Like many public schools, King's offers fee reductions when more than one child attends, and to the children of staff members. There also bursaries for children of the Clergy, Armed Forces and to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it, on a means tested basis.cite news|url=|title=Fees and scholarships|publisher=The King's School, Ely|accessdate=2008-01-07] Nearly half of all pupils receive some sort of financial award, be it a bursary or a scholarship, with 411 benefiting in 2006. [cite web |title=Accounts for year ending 2007|publisher=Charity Commission |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-09-03 ]

chool finances

Information about income and expenditure for the last seven years is available to the public on the Charity Commission website.cite web | title = Charity information for The King's School, Ely|publisher = The Charity Commission | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-13] Both income and expenditure have steadily increased over recent years. In 2006, an anoymous donor gave over £700,000 to the school. [cite web |title=Accounts for year ending 2007|publisher=Charity Commission |url= |format=PDF |accessdate=2008-09-03 ]

Ely Cathedral Choir

The boy choristers of Ely Cathedral are all educated at and boarders of the school. [cite web | title = History of the Ely Cathedral King's choir School|publisher =| url = | accessdate = 2008-07-08] The amount of choristers numbers between 18 to 22 boys, varying per year. [ "Ely Cathedral Boy's Choir", "Ely Cathedral Official website"] ] The choristers perform evensong 4 nights during the week, evensong on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a Morning Service on Sundays. They practise in the mornings before school. The choristers are joined to day houses as well as their boarding house, Choir House. The choir is currently under the directorship of Paul Trepte. The assistant organist is Jonathan Lilley. [ "Ely Cathedral Boy's Choir", "Ely Cathedral Official website"] ]

The choristers are aged between 8 years old and 13 years. Two members of the group, Patrick Aspbury and CJ Porter-Thaw who formed part of The Choirboys, were Ely Cathedral choristers. The choir has toured many countries in the past, including The United States, Canada, Malta as well as extensively in mainland Europe. [cite web | title = The Ely Cathedral choir|publisher = Ely Cathedral| url = | accessdate = 2008-07-08] The choir is also regularly engaged in concerts, both in the Cathedral as well as other prestigious venues (such as the Royal Albert Hall) and has produced a number of Compact Discs.

Ely Cathedral Girls' Choir was also launched in 2006, comprising sixteen girl choristers from the Senior School, which has allowed a slightly reduced weekly schedule for the boy choristers. The choir is directed by Louise Reid. [cite web | title = Ely Cathedral girl's choir|publisher = Ely Cathedral| url = | accessdate = 2008-07-08]

In his memoirs, Christopher Campling described the voice of choir in 1955 as "something different" from other Cathedral Choirs. "Michael Howard [the director of music] purposely produced a tone for the boys which was halfway between the continental guttural sound produced from the chest voice, and the pure hard tone of the traditional English cathedral treble, as found at King's College, Cambridge. The "Ely Sound" was harsher than King's, more flexible, more vigorous, always excellent in enunciation." [cite book| last = Campling| first = Christopher| title = I was glad: The Memoirs of Christopher Campling| publisher = Janus Publishing Co.| year = 2007| isbn = 1857566165]

Notable alumni

* †Edward the Confessor, King of England, 1042-1066cite news|url=|title=St Edward the confessor||accessdate=2008-07-12] [This claim can be disputed, however, as Edward the Confessor was educated at the Monastery upon which the school was later founded. The school maintains that it was founded in 970, which would mean he could be counted as a pupil.]
* Matthew Amroliwala, BBC News 24 newsreader cite web | title = Matthew Amroliwala | work = School profile|publisher = eTeach | date = 2008 | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-11]
* Julian Bennett, Television presenter [cite web | title = Julian Bennett | publisher = IMDB | date = 2008 | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-15]
* Ed Blum, film director, known for the film Scenes of a Sexual Nature cite news|url=|title=Ely school pupils impress Ewan McGregor|publisher=The Ely Standard|date=2006-12-13|accessdate=2008-06-21]
* James Bowman, English countertenor and former Ely Cathedral Chorister. [cite web | title = James Bowman's website | publisher = James Bowman | date = 1998 | url = | accessdate = 2008-08-02]
* Lord Browne of Madingley, Former CEO of British Petroleum cite news|url=|title=Lord Browne's 'unique' efforts.|publisher=Cambridge News|date=2007-05-07|accessdate=2008-06-20]
* †Sir Philip Antony Fyson Buck, QC, Conserative MPcite news|url=|title=Obituary: Sir Antony Buck|publisher=The Daily Telegraph|date=2003-10-22|accessdate=2008-07-12]
* Nigel Colborn, broadcaster and gardening expert, former presenter of BBC Gardener's Question Time [cite web | title = Nigel Colborn - Public Speaker | publisher = The Speakers Agency | date = 2008 | url = | accessdate = 2008-07-12]
* †Dick Everitt, television and film producer, with credits including Coronation Street [cite news|url=|title=Obituary: Dick Everitt|publisher=The Daily Telegraph|date=2003-10-22|accessdate=2004-11-12]
* Oliver Jarvis, British Racing drivercite news|url=|title=Jarvis chasing his F1 dream|publisher=Cambridge News|date=2008-01-04|accessdate=2008-07-13]
* Ardeshir Naghshineh, founder of Targetfellow, property tycoon with portfolio worth £440 million. 158 on the Sunday Times Rich List. His company owns Centre Point, the famous London Office building.cite news|url=|title=The Organic Developer|publisher=Property Week|date=2005-04-15|accessdate=2008-07-13] cite news|url=|title=Targetfollow gears up for Centre Point revival|publisher=Property Week|date=2006-04-13|accessdate=2008-07-13]
* Oliver Oakes, British F3 Racing driver cite news|url=|title=Wheldon graduates at the top of class of 2005|publisher=The Times|date=2006-01-03|accessdate=2008-07-13]
* Aubrey Powell, Designer, noted for designing Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" album cover. [cite web | title = Pink Floyd who is who | publisher = Pink Floyd Hyperbase | date = 2008 | url = | accessdate = 2008-06-21]
* Goldie Sayers, Olympic athlete - Javelin cite news|url=|title=My School Sport: Goldie Sayers|publisher=The Daily Telegraph|date=2006-08-10|accessdate=2008-07-13]
* Alan Yentob, Television executive, producer and presenter of BBC's Imagine series. [cite news|url=|title=Alan Yentob; The Insiders Extrovert|publisher=The Independent|date=1999-05-29|accessdate=2008-07-13] Lord Harold Pringle English Envoy for Trinidad and Tobago

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