Dubh Essa

Dubh Essa

Dubh Essa, aka Dubhessa, Gaelic-Irish female given name.

Dubh Essa was a woman's name in medieval Ireland. It was also rendered Dubhessa.

Bearers of the name

  • Dubh Essa ingen Briain, died 1052.
  • Dubh Essa ingen Amhalgadha, died 1078.
  • Dubh Essa ingen maic Aedha, died 1115.
  • Dubh Essa Níc Eidhin, died 1187.
  • Dubh Essa Bean Uí Dubhda, died 1190.
  • Dubhessa Ní Diarmata, died 1229.
  • Dubhessa Ní hElide, died 1328.
  • Dubhessa Ní Fherghail, died 1328.
  • Dubhessa Bean Uí Chonchobhair, died 1328.

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