Drop Dead Diva (season 3)

Drop Dead Diva (season 3)
Drop Dead Diva Season 3
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 13
Original channel Lifetime
Original run June 19, 2011 (2011-06-19) – September 18, 2011 (2011-09-18)
Season chronology
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Season Two
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Drop Dead Diva season three premiered on June 19, 2011 and concluded on September 25, 2011 on Lifetime. Season three aired aired on Sundays at 9:00 pm ET for the entire season and consisted of 13 episodes.



Jane/Deb & Grayson

According to TVguide, Drop Dead Diva creator Josh Berman stated Grayson and Jane will be getting into bed together despite Grayson getting married. Before getting under the sheets, though, the pair will have to navigate their way back to each other. Not only is Grayson still engaged to Vanessa — and Episode 4 is called "The Wedding" — but Jane may reconsider Grayson as her soul mate. "She now begins to see Grayson through more mature eyes," Berman says, "and it might make her question her love for him. We have one episode this season where Jane and Grayson get in a huge fight in the middle of the bullpen at Harrison and Parker. Jane is shocked by some of the opinions that Grayson has because she gets to see him as a co-worker as opposed to a boyfriend. It makes her have second thoughts about what her feelings were."

As for whether Jane will finally reveal the truth about her identity to Grayson, Berman simply teases, "I'm not going to tell you that Grayson doesn't find out this season." Source: TvGuide

Drop Dead Diva's executive producer Josh Berman has dropped hints about what lies ahead for Jane and Grayson.

Berman explained that Jane (Brooke Elliott) will try to move on from Grayson (Jackson Hurst) because of his upcoming wedding.

"Jane's going to try to let [Grayson] go," he told TV Line.

"But after a break-up, if you still love somebody you can kind of think you're over them and then there are moments when you realize you're not. And I think Jane's going through that process of grief. But she's not at the point yet of acceptance."

Berman also revealed that an upcoming episode will feature "big chunks of flashbacks".

"You actually get to see a whole storyline about Grayson and Deb," he said. "It's a really, really cool episode." Source: Ditigalspy

Jane does have two relationships during the season that indicate she is trying to move on from Grayson. The first, with Dr. Bill Kendall (Ben Shenkman), ends when he reveals that Jane is one of several women he is dating and that he is not ready to get serious with any one of them. The second, toward the end of the season, is with a fun-loving new judge named Owen French (Lex Medlin).

Kim & Parker

Kim and Parker's relationship was short lived, after Kim realized that Parker just ignored all of his ex-partners. In the end of Season 2, Jane shares with Kim that she saw Harrison and Parker kissing in Parker's office. Kim is outraged and goes to Parker's house to tell him that they're over. Harrison fires Kim from the firm in the end of Season 2, but she returns in Mid-Season 3. In early Season 3, Parker still tries to charm Kim and begs her to come back to him. She refuses, and keeps moving on with her job and maintaining a platonic relationship with her boss. They end up together in a later episode, seemingly giving their relationship another try. But when Parker hired his former flame Elisa (Brandy) as a temp, Kim became jealous, putting Jane in a tough situation, knowing that Elisa has a son with Parker and Parker doesn't know anything about it.

Fred & Stacy

Fred and Stacy's relationship started out awkwardly, because after the two kissed, Fred was sent back to Heaven to renew his old job as a gatekeeper. All of his memories to anybody except Jane were wiped. A few episodes later, he comes back as Jane's guardian angel forever, with no rules of who he can and cannot have a relationship with. His relationship with Stacy gets real in the later Season 2 episodes, as the two share passionate kisses. In Season 3, Stacy shares with Jane that she's afraid Fred thinks that the kissing IS the relationship, and they have not progressed to intercourse. Stacy keeps waking up early to run, claiming she runs a lot when she's frustrated. Jane then gives Fred advice, because Jane knows everything Stacy wants in a man. Afterward, it appears the relationship has been consummated and is going well, because Stacy claims she "may never run again."

Late in Season 3, Stacy finally gets a part on a TV show as a main star. She claims that she has to keep her relationship with Fred a "secret" for publicity purposes, but eventually she ends up cheating on Fred with her co-star, Brian (Robert Hoffman), and Fred witnesses the two sharing a passionate kiss. Stacy is unable to choose between Brian and Fred; despite Jane's advice for her to talk to Fred, the choice is made for Stacy when Fred eventually confronts her and angrily leaves. Stacy becomes distraught and upset with Jane, believing Jane had told Fred of her infidelity. Fred is later shown having drinks with Grayson and Teri, who comfort him.

Unfortunately, Stacy's behavior would end up annoying not only Fred, but also Jane/Deb and Teri when she becomes a diva and starts treating her friends like dirt. But reality would come crashing down after Brian steals her commercial deal and sleeps with her assistant, resulting in Stacy punching out Brian and getting arrested for assault. She is later cleared of the charges, but kisses Grayson after he represented her. Although the two quickly realize it was a mistake, Stacy is unaware that Jane saw it. Jane also tells Fred at the airport about what happened, thus devastating Fred who was ready to forgive Stacy and propose to her.


Main cast

Recurring cast


Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. Viewers
27 1 "Hit and Run" Jamie Babbit Josh Berman June 19, 2011 2.86[1]
While she waits for Grayson to wake up from his coma, Jane is assigned a case about a pair of celebrities who were both charged with a hit-and-run involving a young 13-year old girl. The case gets more complicated when the young girl dies in the hospital. Meanwhile, Kim takes a case from one of her former clients who has just gotten divorced. 
28 2 "False Alarm" Michael Grossman Alex Taub June 26, 2011 2.38[2]
Grayson wants Jane's help planning his wedding with Vanessa. Kim's new case revolves around a model who died during surgery. Fred loses his virginity to Stacy. 
29 3 "Dream Big" Martha Coolidge Rob Wright July 10, 2011 2.01[3]
Jane takes over the case of a woman who is reluctantly suing a sperm bank due to her resulting child being a "little person". Fred hires an actress to play his mother for a lunch with Stacy. Grayson helps a stripper with a legal matter, and later finds out that Vanessa's father will be presiding over the case. 
30 4 "The Wedding" Kevin Hooks Sandy Isaac July 17, 2011 2.27[4]
Grayson and Vanessa's wedding doesn't go as well as planned. Jane finds the real reason why a gunman held her at gunpoint and reluctantly decides to represent him in court, but he goes against her legal advice. Meanwhile, Grayson's new case revolves around a "rogue camel milker". 
31 5 "Prom" Jamie Babbit Sarah McLaughlin July 24, 2011 2.08[5]
Jane takes over the case of a teenager who was denied access to her prom due to her sexual orientation; a casting director attempts to get Fred into an energy drink commercial, which causes Stacy to become jealous; Grayson and Kim help represent Hank, Jane's former love interest, in a case about a mail-order bride scam. 
32 6 "Closure" Michael Grossman William N. Fordes July 31, 2011 2.09[6]
After being deputized as a DA, Jane/Deb meet one of Jane’s exes, a corrupt DA; Grayson represents Stacy on a lawsuit regarding her blog; Parker begins to suspect that Kim is dating, so he orders Teri to check it out. 
33 7 "Mothers Day" Kevin Hooks Jeffrey Lippman August 7, 2011 2.36[7]
Jane's and Deb's mothers fight over Jane's attention on a separate legal matter; Kim advises Fred on how to improve his relationship with Stacy. 
34 8 "He Said, She Said" Tim Matheson Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg August 14, 2011 2.39[8]
Jane and Grayson are at odds when she represents a college student who accuses a star football player from Grayson's alma mater of rape; Kim helps her sister Jenna in her divorce settlement; Jane finds herself in an awkward position when she advises Parker and Bobbi (Deb's mother) in their relationship. 
35 9 "You Bet Your Life" Dwight Little Rob Wright August 21, 2011 2.23[9]
Jane helps Deb's former sorority house mother Kristin prove that the casino in which she lost all of her money has created an environment of intoxication; Kim and Parker represent a botanist who has cultivated a rare flower; Fred takes a down-and-out Grayson on a "guys night out". 
36 10 "Toxic" Michael Schultz Sandy Isaac & Sarah McLaughlin August 28, 2011 2.53[10]
Jane puts her own job in jeopardy by taking a case against one of the firm's biggest clients. Meanwhile, Teri asks Kim to represent her against a motivational speaker that she has despised since childhood, Fred becomes jealous of Stacy's relationship with her TV co-star, Brian, and Grayson's new relationship is about to hit a roadblock thanks to Jane. 
37 11 "Ah Men" Robert J. Wilson Adam R. Perlman September 4, 2011 1.93[11]
Parker is visited by an old flame, Elisa, who wants to sue her father's life insurance company after they refuse to pay out his policy. When Jane is asked to represent her, she learns what really happened after Parker's relationship with Elisa ended; Kim represents a reverend who has a controversial way to help the poor; Fred decides it's time for Stacy to confirm they really have a relationship after she spends more time with her on-screen co-star. 
38 12 "Bride-a-Palooza" Michael Grossman Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg & William N. Fordes September 18, 2011 2.18[12]
Jane takes the case of a law student whose fiancé was trampled by other brides during an off-the-rails bridal gown super-sale. Meanwhile Kim and Grayson take a case involving a brother and sister over the control of a medieval restaurant, Parker gets upset over Kim making new hire Elisa take on extra work, and Stacy's ride to the top of the diva chain is about to come crashing down. 
39 13 "Change of Heart" Jamie Babbit Jeffrey Lippman & Alex Taub September 25, 2011 2.12[13]
A respected judge requests Jane's help in the case of a man on death row who wants to donate his heart to his ill sister; Owen wants to take Jane with him on a year-long stay in New Zealand; Grayson helps Stacy when she is accused of assault against her former co-star, and Jane is heartbroken when she sees the two kiss after the trial; realizing the kiss was a mistake, Stacy then reveals a game-changing secret that leaves Grayson heartbroken; Parker discovers that he is the father of Elisa's child; Kim gets her wish to become a partner in the firm. 


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