Hellboy: Asylum Seeker

Hellboy: Asylum Seeker
Hellboy: Asylum Seeker
Hellboy: Asylum Seeker
Cover art of Hellboy: Asylum Seeker
Developer(s) Cryo Studios North America (PC)
Hoplite Research, LLC (PS1)
Publisher(s) Cryo Studios North America (PC)
Dreamcatcher Interactive (PS1)
Platform(s) PC, PlayStation
Release date(s) Windows
December, 2000
April 23, 2003 (US)
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player video game
Rating(s) ESRB: Mature (M)
Media/distribution CD
System requirements

P233, 32MB RAM, 300MB HDD

Hellboy: Asylum Seeker is a 2003 game, developed by Dreamcatcher Interactive. It is a port of the PC game titled Hellboy: Dogs of the Night (or sometimes just Hellboy, depending on where it was released), developed by Cryo Studios North America, a subsidiary of Cryo Interactive of France, and released in late 2000 to early 2001.

The Hellboy game is based on Dark Horse Comics' science fiction comic book series Hellboy, written and drawn by Mike Mignola.

Commercially, the game was a flop. Having spent four years in development, the graphics and game play were quite dated, and at the time of its release, Hellboy was still a mostly unknown independent comic book series, especially abroad. Other factors contributed to the game's commercial failure, as well: the PC version was riddled with bugs, the PlayStation version was graphically inferior to most PlayStation games released years before, and the control of both games was abysmal at best.

Both Cryo Studios and Cryo Interactive went out of business shortly after Hellboy's PC release, though Dreamcatcher has become a large and mostly successful video game development house and publisher.

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