Dog Eat Dog (2007 film)

Dog Eat Dog (2007 film)
Perro come perro

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Carlos Moreno
Produced by Diego Ramirez
Rodrigo Guerrero
Written by Carlos Moreno
Alonso Torres
Starring Marlon Moreno
Oscar Borda
Blas Jaramillo
Paulina Rivas
Alvaro Rodriguez
Running time 106 min.
Country  Colombia
Language Spanish

Perro Come Perro (Dog Eat Dog) is a 2007 Colombian film by director Carlos Moreno. The film depicts the violence among the low life, crime filled life of some criminals in the city of Cali.[1] The film was shown at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.[2] The soundtrack of the film included a song by Colombian band Superlitio.



Several thugs including Victor Peñaranda (Moreno), are found in the House of a man known as "El Mellizo". Peñaranda and another thug known as Zabala torture "Mellizo" to accidentally kill him in order to recover the money stolen from "El Orejon", head of the above-mentioned thugs and leader of the underworld of Cali. Don Pablo intermediary of "El Orejón" and the thugs orders search for money around the House and Peñaranda finds him in a black bag in a pot. Peñaranda decides to steal the money claiming him to Don Pablo and the other thugs that such money was not in any part of the House. For its part "El Orejón" attends the funeral of his godson William Medina, murdered in Buenaventura, near Cali.

Then "The Orejón" being a devotee of witchcraft for the Witch Iris who puts a curse on the murderer of Medina because that would suffer the most to give it a shot. Soon "The Orejón" meets Don Pablo demanding the money from "The Twins" but Don Pablo notified that such money was never found at home. To complete such a mission "The Orejón" calls Silvio Sierra to help Don Pablo.

Don Pablo hires Eusebio Benitez and Victor Peñaranda to find the stolen money. Peñaranda left for Cali and stays in a small downtown hotel where are staying Benitez who also had sex with a beautiful girl. Between the two are awaiting instructions for the operation which did not have many details. Peñaranda unexpectedly answers the call from a man demanding to know the name of the hotel where they are housed and about a woman named Adela, but Peñaranda denies knowing anything. Then they both get a call from Sierra who waits in the lobby of the hotel. Benitez and Peñaranda go donwstairs to the lobby where they see Sierra cracking jokes among themselves about a black thug like Benitez. All three are directed to the funeral of the first "Twin" waiting to find the other "twin" and collect the money from "El Orejon" while Benitez is the grave of William Medina, because Benitez had killed before. After watching the funeral, Don Pablo asks the three results of the operation, especially under the suspicion of Peñaranda had the money, Don Pablo would not retaliate and give the money to his employer at the same time to invent something his henchmen not suffer the consequences. Peñaranda denies had money and tries to call his wife secretly to give the stolen money as this and their daughter would live in America.

Back at the hotel, Benitez began to suffer from nightmares for a curse laid by the Witch Iris. Such dreams evoked voices aa funeral prayer of a time that William Medina appeared almost waking up in his coffin after the fatal shot had given Benitez and being thrown into a sewer.

As the next task, Benitez, Peñaranda and Sierra and found a thug from the "Twin" and his lawyer. The "Twin" managed to escape but his lawyer is wounded and interrogated in the car, which had gas leaks. The lawyer said that one of the assassins who had killed the first "Twin" including Peñaranda could have stolen the money, Sierra murders him and thrown into river.

For his part, "El Orejon" does not believe in the actions taken by Iris to avenge Medina and from his building whose possessed several telescopes and keeps tabs on Benitez and Peñaranda. Peñaranda keeps hidden the stolen money but lost the calm while Benitez will suffer physically and morally a great remorse for the curse placed by Iris; the constant nightmares and inexplicably their candles are extinguished. To make matters worse Peñaranda still getting calls from the same man looking for Adela, which makes the patient lose insulted and threatened the man.

"El Orejón" blames Don Pablo for having neglected his thugs but for now forgive his life, while Benitez learns from a partner Don Pascual of the curse placed by Iris and Don Pascual recommends him visit the dead and to remove an object from his right hand which is part of the curse. Benitez almost falls into madness after constant nightmares in which is in the place of the murdered Medina. One day Peñaranda is the Iris witch posing as Concierge of the hotel to see her in cleaning the room but is startled to see that Iris had in his hands black garbage bags, which reach the hands of the girl that maintained relations with Benítez. Peñaranda is even still receiving calls from men seeking Adela to what makes it more angry and between the two is threaten each other, while Benitez suffers more hallucinations in the shower for killing Medina. Peñaranda meanwhile is cited with Don Pablo in a coffee shop being guarded by "El Orejón" who almost loses patience with a building clogging them the monitoring of Peñaranda. It notes in the newspaper that his teammates (including Zabala) were killed and immediately calls his wife to communicate it more soon with him.

"El Orejon" doubt the curse placed by Iris cited Benítez which seems quiet and Iris ensures that the man tormented by the curse. Peñaranda is hiding the money in a dog Teddy and tries to call his wife to flee with the money but this asks that they not become to see after hearing the provenance of the money. "El Orejón" interrogates Benítez who claims not to know of the murder of Medina and whether Peñaranda stole the money, the leader of the underworld laughs namely Peñaranda was only a stuffed animal as a personal object and proof they do kill a man in the middle of a square.

Peñaranda tries to escape alone with money but then receives the untimely call from the same man looking for Adela and Peñaranda tries to ignoring it. Also arrive Sierra and Benitez, this locks himself in the bathroom still tormented by the curse and Sierra says Peñaranda that "El Orejón" had given the order to Peñaranda assassinate Benitez. Benitez that same night, dreams of being in a cemetery and complies with recommended by Pascual, urine on the dead and wakes up in the morning with a great suffocation, and shock, reaches Sierra telling them both that the other "Twin" had been captured, Sierra answer the call of the same man who repeatedly sought to Adela and says that she had been murdered and subsequently all three are a sandbox and Sierra way them tells Peñaranda and Benítez of that Don Pablo had died the previous day.

In the sandbox, "El Orejón" receives three thugs and shows them to the "Twin" tortured, the head of the underworld puts to the test both; "El Orejon" instructs Peñaranda cut live to the "Twin" with a chainsaw. Seeing that "El Mellizo" was not lying, "El Orejón" insults Peñaranda and threatens to give his money or otherwise he'll kill with the same chainsaw to his wife or his daughter. Sierra pulled the remains of the "Twin" and orders definitely killed Benitez, this gets tired of his racial insults and Sierra, Peñaranda in turn kills Torres, bodyguard of "El Orejón" and when preparing to kill this Benítez asks her not to kill him to thus ending "El Orejon", both cremate the corpse of Sierra. Once "The Orejón" is killed, Peñaranda abandons Benítez and difficulty reaching the hotel then kill a policeman and the hotel manager, and trying to permanently flee with the money he is killed beaten to death by a burly man who was seeking to Adela, this demencial man is killed by Benítez who fled with the money but still tormented by the curse and the film ends with Benítez following Medina; Benitez is also killed.

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Goya Awards

  • Best Spanish Language Foreign Film

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