Recess: All Growed Down

Recess: All Growed Down
Recess: All Growed Down

DVD cover
Directed by Howy Parkins
Brenda Piluso
Starring Myles Jeffrey
Rickey D'Shon Collins
Jason Davis
Ashley Johnson
Courtland Mead
Pamela Adlon
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Paul & Joe Productions
Distributed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Release date(s) December 9, 2003 (2003-12-09)
Country United States

Recess: All Growed Down is a Disney direct-to-video animated film released on December 9, 2003. The film is based on the Disney television series Recess. It was released simultaneously with another direct-to-video Recess film, Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade.

This was the final project made for the show, as nothing else has been announced.


In this movie, the Recess gang remembers how they all met back in Kindergarten. It begins with T.J. four of his gang looking forward to starting a game of croquet with Mikey's new set, but they needed an empty space to do so.

They find a nice quiet piece of ground, and are about to set up when they are abruptly captured by Kindergarteners. They are surprised that the Kindergartners seem to no longer like the gang. The reason is that the Kindergartners have a new leader called Chief Stinky who despises Big Kids and because of being bigger, Chief Stinky orders the other Kindergarteners around and forces them to hold the gang as prisoners.

Desperate to be released, the gang starts telling stories of past episodes to make the Kindergarteners remember how well they used to get along. T.J. tells the first story about when he encountered the Kindergarteners which is from the episode "The Legend of Big Kid." After that Gretchen tells them the story about the "pee wee pals" from the episode "The Wild Child." After that Mikey asks Tubby to remember how the two became friends in the episode "The Kindergarten Derby." But despite all three stories being told, the Kindergarteners are still too afraid of Chief Stinky to admit that they remember.

After a while Gus comes outside from the nurse's office and starts looking for the gang, only to get captured as well. To convince Hector (the Kindergartener in pajamas) about how he was his "safety man", he tells a story about when he first went to Kindergarten. At first the other gang members remind him that he didn't come to the school until the gang was in 4th grade (a reference to their memories in the episode "The New Kid"), and besides, none of them even want to think about when they were savage Kindergarteners. But Gus points out that long before, he briefly had been a Kindergarten student.

In his story, his parents bring him to Third Street Elementary School. Gus is a wild child and thinks that the other students he meets will be just like him, but to his surprise everyone is acting well behaved in class, and Ms. Finster reads them a story. When Recess begins all the children are quiet and nobody acts like they do in the future. Gus notices Gretchen just reads and never gives anyone ideas, Vince just runs around quietly, the digger twins just play in a sandbox, the swinging girls do not swing roughly or hang upside down and Spinelli is a timid little girl with a doll. Gus then meets one little boy with a red cap whose name is Theodore Jasper Detweiler. Gus befriends him and gives him his nickname: T.J.

Shortly afterward, Gus realizes that everyone is being neat and behaved because they are afraid of Mikey who acts as a monstrous bully, and Randall is the one who tames him. Gus is enraged and he later reveals the reason that Mikey acted like a monster is because Randall told him lies and said he was his only friend. Mikey is actually friendly and explains that Randall was behind everything because he wanted to take control of the whole grade and have everything belong to him.

Then Gus convinces all the Kindergarteners that they should be like him and be wild like a normal Kindergartener, then all the kids begin to act like their future selves, Vince becomes more active, Gretchen starts passing her theories to other kids, Spinelli realizes that she is a very tough girl and T.J. becomes brave and adventurous. Randall is horrified and quickly tells Ms. Finster that everyone is all messy. Miss Finster is furious and demands to know who did this. When she finds that it was Gus, she takes him to Principal Prickley's office. However, T.J. and the gang form a plan and rescue Gus, leaving Spinelli's doll in the chair he was sitting in. Gus is forced to leave the school the next day.

After he finishes his story, Gus tells Hector that he and all the other Kindergarteners should stand up to Stinky. So the little children trip Stinky, making him cry and as the others rejoice, Captain Stinky makes Hector the leader. The Gang are then released. T.J. and the gang tell Gus that he was very clever to make up such a story, Gus agrees that he just imagined it all and then the gang starts to spend the rest of the recess having fun together.

However, Ms. Finster who is watching, tells Randall to keep an eye on Gus, and then vows that someday she will get revenge, hinting that Gus' story was true, after all.


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