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  • deurī- — *deurī , *deurīn germ.?, schwach. Femininum (n): nhd. hoher Wert, Pracht; Rekontruktionsbasis: ahd.; Hinweis: s. *deurja ; Etymologie: s. ing. *dēiro , *dīro , Substantiv, Zier, Schönheit, Kostbarkeit, Pokorny 186; …   Germanisches Wörterbuch

  • deuriþō — *deuriþō, *deureþō germ., stark. Femininum (ō): nhd. Ruhm, Herrlichkeit, Kostbarkeit; ne. glory, preciosity; Rekontruktionsbasis: an., afries., as., ahd.; Etymologie: s. *deurja ; Weiterleben …   Germanisches Wörterbuch

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  • Nimtoli Deuri — Nimtali Deuri. The word ‘deuri’ means a gateway or an entrance. The area ‘Nimtali’ was famous for the Nawabs or Naib Nazims, who lived in the Nimtali Palace. The origin of this word could not be found, but it is assumed that the place was once… …   Wikipedia

  • Nimtali Kuthi — or Nimtali Palace was built towards the end of the Mughal rule in Dhaka as a residence of the Naib Nazim (Deputy Governor) of Dhaka Province in 1765 66. It was situated in the Nimtali ward and popularly called the Nimtali Kuthi (Nimtali Palace).… …   Wikipedia

  • List of ancient tribes in Illyria — This is a list of ancient tribes in the ancient territory of Illyria (Ancient Greek: Ἰλλυρία). The name Illyrians seems to be the name of one Illyrian tribe, which was the first to come in contact with the ancient Greeks, causing the name… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Illyrian tribes — Illyrian tribes or possibly or partly Illyrian tribes or tribes inhabiting lands known as Illyria. Tribes Illyrian Abri Abri were an Illyrian tribe. [Wilkes, J. J. The Illyrians, 1992,ISBN 0631198075.,page 98: ... who may have belonged to the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Khowa — Khoa redirects here. For the foodstuff, see Khoa (food) The Khowa, also known as Bugun in their native tongue, [ [ toc.depth=1 brand=eschol Tribes of India] ] is a… …   Wikipedia

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