Days of Waiting: The Life & Art of Estelle Ishigo

Days of Waiting: The Life & Art of Estelle Ishigo
Days of Waiting
Directed by Steven Okazaki
Produced by Steven Okazaki
Assoc. Producer Cheryl Yoshioka
Written by Steven Okazaki
Narrated by Dorothy Stroup
Additional Narration Lynn O'Donnell
Cinematography Steven Okazaki
Editing by Steven Okazaki
Asst. Editor Cheryl Yoshioka
Distributed by Farallon Films
Center for Asian American Media
Release date(s) 1990
Running time 28 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Days of Waiting (1990) is a documentary short film by Steven Okazaki, about Estelle Ishigo, a Caucasian artist who went voluntarily to an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II. The film was inspired by Ishigo's book, "Lone Heart Mountain", and won an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject[1] and a Peabody Award.



During World War II, when 110,000 Japanese Americans were forcibly relocated from the West Coast, to various American concentration camps, Estelle Peck Ishigo refused to be separated from her Nisei Japanese American husband. She voluntarily accompanied him to the Heart Mountain War Relocation Center. A painter and illustrator, Ishigo documented her experience through her art. She later published these works and wrote about her experience in her book, "Lone Heart Mountain," which along with personal papers, were the basis of the film. She was discovered living in destitution in her senior years, by the filmmakers as they researched her story.



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