Crescent Star Party

Crescent Star Party
Crescent Star Party
Partai Bulan Bintang
Chairman Malem Sambat Kaban
Secretary-General BM Wibowo, SE., MM.
Founded 1998
Headquarters Jakarta
Ideology Islam
DPR Seats 0
Politics of Indonesia
Political parties

The Crescent Star Party (Indonesian: Partai Bulan Bintang) is a political party in Indonesia.



The party's origins go back to the banning of the Masyumi Party by President Sukarno in 1960. After the ban, supporters and followers of the party established the Crescent Star Family (Keluarga Bulan Bintang) to continue to press for the implementation of Sharia law and Islamic teaching in Indonesia. Following the fall of Sukarno and the transition to the New Order, members of the organization wanted to revive the Masyumi Party, but this was not allowed by the new regime. In the 1970s, in a meeting in Malang, a new party called Parmusi (Partai Muslimin Indonesia, Muslim Party of Indonesia) was formed. It came fourth in the 1971 elections. In 1973, the party was forced to merge with other Islamic parties into the United Development Party. With the fall of Suharto in 1998, supporters of Masyumi decided to establish a new party. The original plan was to use Masyumi name again, but after consideration, they settled on the Crescent Star Party. The party's first leader was Yusril Ihza Mahendra, a lawyer and speechwriter to President Suharto[1].

Electoral record

The party stood in the 1999 elections, winning 1.9% of the vote and 13 seats in the People's Representative Council. Yusril was appointed justice and law minister. In mid-2000 internal conflict broke out in the party over Yusril's acceptance of financial assistance from former president Jusuf Habibie. It ended with party member Hartono Mardjono establishing a rival Crescent Star Party. After losing a court case, Hartono then established he Indonesian Islamic Party (Partai Islam Indonesia), but this failed to qualify for the 2004 elections. In these elections, the Crescent Star Party won 2.6 % of the popular vote and 11 seats. Yusril was later replaced by Malem Sambat Kaban[1][2]. In the 2009 legislative election, the party won 1.8 percent of the votes, less than the 2.5 percent electoral threshold, meaning it lost all its seats in the People's Representative Council.[3][4]

Regional strength

In the legislative election held on 9 April 2009, support for the PBB was higher than the party's national average in the following provinces:

Aceh 2.4%

North Sumatra 1.8%

West Sumatra 3.0%

Bengkulu 2.1%

Riau 2.7%

Jambi 2.5%

South Sumatra 2.7%

Bangka-Belitung Islands 10.1%

West Java 2.2%

Banten 2.1%

Central Kalimantan 1.9%

South Kalimantan 3.8%

East Kalimantan 2.3%

West Nusa Tenggara 6.4%

West Sulawesi 2.2%

Central Sulawesi 1.9%

South Sulawesi 2.6%

South East Sulawesi 4.2%

Gorontalo 2.7%

North Maluku 2.6%


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