Indonesian Unity Party

Indonesian Unity Party

Infobox Indonesian Political Party
name_english = Indonesian Unity Party
name_native = Partai Sarikat Indonesia

leader = Rahardjo Tjakraningrat
foundation = 2002
headquarters = Jakarta
DPRseats = 0
ideology = Pancasila
website =
The Indonesian Unity Party (Indonesian: "Partai Sarikat Indonesia") is a political party in Indonesia.

It has its origins in an August 2002 meeting of 15 political parties that had failed to reach the electoral threshold in the 1999 legislative election to qualify for the subsequent election. The idea was that the parties would band together to establish a new party. However, this proved impossible because of differences such as religion and ideologies. Three parties soon dropped out, then another two but driven by the desire to take part in the next election, the remaining ten formed an alliance. By the time the Bogor Political Memorandum was signed on 24 November 2002 only eight parties remained. The following month, the new party was founded.

In the 2004 legislative election, the Indonesian Unity Party won 0.6% of the popular vote and no seats. After initially failing to qualify, following a lawsuit it is to contest the 2009 elections. [ Indonesian] [ "Profil Partai Politik" (Profile of Political Parties), "Kompas" newspaper 14 July 2008 pp. 219-221] [ [ Akhirnya KPU Putuskan 4 Parpol Gurem Ikut Pemilu 2009 (Finally the General Elections Commission Allows 4 small parties to contest the 2009 elections] ]


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