Application Layer

Application Layer

The Application Layer is the seventh level of the seven-layer OSI model, and the top layer of the TCP/IP model. It interfaces directly to and performs common application services for the application processes; it also issues requests to the Presentation Layer (OSI).

The common application layer services provide semantic conversion between associated application processes. "Note:" Examples of common application services of general interest include the virtual file, virtual terminal, and job transfer and manipulation protocols.

The application layer of the TCP/IP model corresponds to the entire group of application layer, Presentation Layer, and Session Layer in the seven layer OSI model.

Protocol examples

*9P, Plan 9 from Bell Labs distributed file system protocol
*AFP, Apple Filing Protocol
*APPC, Advanced Program-to-Program Communication
*AMQP, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
*Atom Publishing Protocol
*BOOTP, Bootstrap Protocol
*CFDP, Coherent File Distribution Protocol
*DDS, Data Distribution Service
*DHCP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
*DNS, Domain Name System (Service) Protocol
*ENRP, Endpoint Handlespace Redundancy Protocol
*FastTrack (KaZaa, Grokster, iMesh)
*Finger, User Information Protocol
*FTAM, File Transfer Access and Management
*FTP, File Transfer Protocol
*Gopher, Gopher protocol
*HL7, Health Level Seven
*HTTP, HyperText Transfer Protocol
*H.323, Packet-Based Multimedia Communications System
*IMAP, IMAP4, Internet Message Access Protocol (version 4)
*IRCP, Internet Relay Chat Protocol
*LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
*LPD, Line Printer Daemon Protocol
*MIME (S-MIME), Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and Secure MIME
*NFS, Network File System
*NIS, Network Information Service
*NNTP, Network News Transfer Protocol
*NTCIP, National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation System Protocol
*NTP, Network Time Protocol
*OSCAR, AOL Instant Messenger Protocol
*PNRP, Peer Name Resolution Protocol
*POP, POP3, Post Office Protocol (version 3)
*Rlogin, Remote Login in UNIX Systems
*RTPS, Real Time Publish Subscribe
*RTSP, Real Time Streaming Protocol
*SAP, Session Announcement Protocol
*SDP, Session Description Protocol
*SIP, Session Initiation Protocol
*SLP, Service Location Protocol
*SMB, Server Message Block
*SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
*SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
*SNTP, Simple Network Time Protocol
*RDP, Remote Desktop Protocol
*SSH, Secure Shell
*TCAP, Transaction Capabilities Application Part
* TDS, Tabular Data Stream
*TELNET, Terminal Emulation Protocol of TCP/IP
*TFTP, Trivial File Transfer Protocol
*TSP, Time Stamp Protocol
*VTP, Virtual Terminal Protocol
*Waka, an HTTP replacement protocol
*Whois (and RWhois), Remote Directory Access Protocol
*X.400, Message Handling Service Protocol
*X.500, Directory Access Protocol (DAP)
*XMPP, Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

ee also

*OSI protocols
*Internet Protocol Suite
*Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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* [ How The Application Layer Works]

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