Daniel Ishag

Daniel Ishag

Daniel Ishag is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Bluewater Bio,[1] who specialize in the treatment of water and wastewater.

Ishag was the vision and drive behind Espotting. In 2000, at the age of 26 and in the middle of the dotcom bust, Ishag, along with his school friend Seb Bishop, launched one of the most successful internet companies. The award-winning Espotting was picked up by the Financial Times as one of their Top 50 Creative Businesses. In February 2004, Espotting announced its merger with NASDAQ (NASDAQ:FWHT)[2] which valued Espotting at $170m. Ishag was finalist in both the European Technology Forum's Technology Entrepreneur of the year in 2001, and the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003 and 2004.

Ishag brought to the European market a new concept in online advertising - paid for listings, which now accounts for 82% of total online media spend. In just 4 years Espotting had grown into a 240 employee pan-European company that operated in 8 languages, 5 currencies, and serviced 23,000 clients.

Prior to Espotting, Ishag was an Investment Banker, where he was directly responsible for the success of many B-2-B e-commerce ventures including planning and hiring management teams for Europe's largest food infomediary and a cutting edge development and software house. His international business experience has been gathered in many far-flung places, including Indonesia, Hong Kong, USA, Africa and Europe.

About Bluewater Bio

Bluewater Bio is an international company, headquartered in London, with offices in South Korea, China and Bahrain, and with partners in the USA, Russia, Spain and South Africa. Bluewater Bio International comprises of the group of companies Bluewater Bio Ltd (UK Head Office), Bluewater FilterClear Ltd (multi-media filters) and Water Innovate Ltd (technology 'hub' for the School of Water Sciences at Cranfield University in the UK). Operating in the Water and Wastewater treatment industry, the Company's flagship technology is the patented HYBACS® process.


HYBACS, an acronym for Hybrid Activated Sludge, is a variant on the Activated Sludge process for wastewater treatment. The variant is designed to reduce the footprint area and power consumption. The HYBACS process consists of two biological stages followed by clarification. The first stage bioreactor, referred to as a SMART™ unit by Bluewater Bio, the inventor of the HYBACS process, is similar in some respects to a rotating biological contactor or RBC, since it comprises plates fixed to a slowly-rotating structure. The difference, however, is that the plates of the RBC are solid, usually corrugated, plastic sheet, whereas the plates of a SMART™ unit are made of a plastic mesh with a voidage of 95%. The second stage is an activated sludge process.


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