Dain ba Enkh

Dain ba Enkh

Dain Ba Enkh (Mongolian: War and Peace) is one of the first hip hop groups established in Mongolia in 1997. In its beginning, it consisted of Mcit, Mc Aav, Bizi, Ezi, Ikser (XR) and Khoron. Writing all their songs themselves and composing them of "highly necessary words", they engaged with political and social matters right from the beginning. They won the competition of Radio 107.5 in the category Best newcomer with their song Zogsoltgüi "Eternal". They have published two albums, Ödör tutam "From day to day" (1999), being the first hip-hop album published in Mongolia, and Neg chigt "To one direction" (2001). When Mcit quit the band in 2002, it became quiet around the band, but its activities didn't completely cease,[1] e.g. they published the song "76" (which is the number of seats in the Mongolian parliament) together with Ice Top, probably the currently leading hip-hop band of Mongolia.

Ödör tutam (From day to day)

1. Эхлэл (Prologue)
2. Хэрээ мэд (Know your limits)
3. Зогсолтгүй (Eternal)
4. Гүн ухаан (Philosophy)
5. Хүн (Human)
6. Залуу нас (Youth)
7. Зарим гаруудад зориулав (To some guys)
8. Хүүхэд хэзээ ч хүүхдээрээ байхгүй (Kids never remain kids)
9. Х-Сургаал (X-teaching)
10. Мөнгө (Money)
11. Өдөр тутам (From day to day)
12. Дайн ба энхийн сэтгэл (The spirit of war & peace)
13. Амьдрал бидэнд бий (We got life)
14. Чи заавал янхан байх ёстой гэж үү (Why d'ya gotta be a whore?)
15. Намайг гэсэн хайр (The love for me)
16. Намайг гэсэн хайр (The love for me - remix)
17. Эрч хүчтэй залуу нас (Vigorous Youth)
18. Төгсгөл (Epilogue)

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