Siege Perilous (Andromeda)

Siege Perilous (Andromeda)
DSX type
First appearance Star-Crossed
General characteristics
Propulsion Slipstream

The Siege Perilous Class Attack Cruiser [1](or DSX) is a fictional type of starship in the science fiction television series Andromeda. The DSX type of ship surpasses the strength and the fire power of even the Glorious Heritage class of ship.[2]


Known ships


Balance of Judgment

The "Balance of Judgment" was seen in the season one episode "Star-Crossed".

The Judgment had started the Restorian movement to bring order to the galaxy from chaos, believing that space travel spread anti-Commonwealth ideas and that only by ending space travel could peace be restored. While Andromeda kept it distracted, the Judgment was destroyed by 30 missiles launched by inertia from the Eureka Maru, the missiles floating into the path of the Judgment and destroying it. Its avatar, Gabriel, fell in love with Rommie, but she was forced to kill him when it was discovered that the ship had transmitted itself to Gabriel's body before being destroyed and that it would soon overwhelm him.

Technical Specifications

Wrath of Achilles

The "Wrath of Achilles" was seen in the season two episode "Knight, Death, and the Devil". The Achilles served as the leader of the ships and their AIs in the Tartarus system.

With no raw materials to salvage, the ships were unable to produce the capabilities to defend themselves or leave the system. However, the Nietzscheans would not destroy their "prizes" and instead researched a way to permanently delete an AI from the ship so that they could not reassert themselves. The Achilles was wiped clean when the Nietzscheans succeeded in developing and deploying their technology, and was taken over by The Clarion's Call avatar, Ryan, who was subsequently appointed the ship's new captain by Dylan.[3]

Resolution of Hector

The "Resolution of Hector" was seen in the season three episode "Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath". The ship was commandeered by a copy of The Balance of Judgement's AI which had survived in Rommie and imprisoned her digitally.

The Hector's avatar was designed from the same template of the "Wrath of Achilles" and was portrayed by the same actor, Christopher Judge. Christopher's co-star, Michael Shanks, on the television show Stargate SG-1 also reprised his role as the Balance of Judgement.

  • Registry: DSX-91-369


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