Crimp connection

Crimp connection

A crimp connection is achieved with a type of solderless electrical connector.

Crimp connectors are typically used to terminate stranded wire. They fulfill numerous uses, including allowing the wires to be easily terminated to screw terminals, fast-on / quick-disconnect / spade-foot type terminals, wire splices, various combinations of these. Crimp-on terminals are attached by inserting the stripped end of a stranded wire into a portion of the terminal, which is then mechanically deformed / compressed (crimped) tightly around the wire.[1] The crimping is accomplished with a special crimping pliers. A key idea behind crimped connectors is that the finished connection is gas-tight.

Crimped connections fulfill similar roles, and may be thought of similarly to, soldered connections. There are complex considerations for determining which type is appropriate - crimp connections are sometimes preferred for these reasons:

  • Easier, cheaper, and/or faster to reproduce reliable connections in large-scale production.
  • Fewer dangerous, toxic and/or harmful processes involved in achieving the connection (soldered connections require aggressive cleaning, high heat, and possibly toxic solders).
  • Potentially superior mechanical characteristics due to strain relief and lack of solder wicking.

Many classes of crimped connections exist. Some of the most common are:

  • Wire to be terminated is inserted into a cylindrical section of metal, then crimped, with the resultant shape somewhat of an oval.
  • To the layperson, perhaps the most common type. Readily available at retail (Radio Shack, Home Depot, Frys, etc.).
  • refers to the pre-crimp crimp section having a U or V shape
  • More robust connection than barrel-type and thus more common in industrial and automotive applications
  • Simpler to automate since wire can be laid in the un-crimped connector versus barrel which requires funneling the wire into the barrel to prevent strands from catching.
  • Types:
    • F crimp: Both wire and insulation (if optional insulation support is present) are crimped from U to B shape.
    • Weather-Pack/Metri-Pack: common brand-name crimp connectors designed for use in sealed housings. Wire is crimped from U to B shape, insulation from U to 'O' shape.


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