Rebel Moon Rising

Rebel Moon Rising

"Rebel Moon Rising" is a PC game made by Fenris Wolf and GT Interactive. In the future, the Moon has been colonized, and due to political conflicts, the Lunar colonies are rebelling against the United Nations. In the game, the player is on the side of the Lunar alliance, fighting against United Nation forces. The game later takes a twist, when an alien species is discovered.

The PlayStation version of the game was cancelled, although the Windows version was released.

This game is also the sequel to the rarely found game "Rebel Moon". With the same basis as Rising, the player takes on 27 levels in the original "Rebel Moon", quite a few more levels than Rising. Rebel Moon was only found in a bonus disk with the Creative Labs software "3D BLASTER PCI".

The series was also supposed to have a third game "Rebel Moon Revolution", but it was canceled.

The game disc itself also doubled as a soundtrack disc that can operate on stereo or musical disc systems, playing the game soundtrack.

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