Code Red (DVD Company)

Code Red (DVD Company)
Code Red
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Cod Red, also known as Code Red DVD and Code Red Releasing, is a California-based DVD company that specializes in releasing mostly American and European cult genre movies.[1]



Code Red formed in 2006 by Bill Olsen and quickly gathered attention with their first release "Don't Go in the Woods" through distributor Media-Blasters. They released a few more releases through Media-Blasters before switching distributors to the Navarre Corporation. Most of their catalog has been cult exploitation films in varying genres but they have released a handful of critically acclaimed art films as well. Over the years Code Red has been praised for their effort put into releasing rare cult films and for utilizing original poster artwork but have been criticized for allowing some of their releases to go out-of-print not long after their release, a practice president Bill Olsen attributes to poor DVD sales.[1]

DVD releases

Typical Cover Layout for a Code Red DVD
Typical Cover Layout for a Code Red's Exploitation Cinema line
Typical Cover Layout for Code Red's Maria's B-Movie Mayhem line

Alice Goodbody
Alice in Wonderland (1976)
Bad Girls' Dormitory
The Being / Cop Killers
Beyond the Door
Black Klansman
Blade (1973) / Ring of Death (aka Detective Belli) (OOP)
Boarding House (OOP)
Brute Corps
Burbank Drive-In: Between the Covers / Swinging Wives
Can I Do It... Till I Need Glasses
The Carrier
Challenge the Dragon / The Needle Avenger
The Chilling (OOP)
Choke Canyon (aka On Deadly Ground)
Christine Lindberg vs. Laura Gemser (OOP)
The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse
Cut-Throats Nine / Joshua
Day at the Beach
The Dead are Alive! (OOP)
The Dead Pit
Death Journey
Derby (OOP)
Devil Times Five (OOP)
Don't Go in the Woods
Doom Asylum (OOP)
Exterminators of the Year 3000 (OOP)
The Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth (aka Where Time Began) (OOP)
The Forest
God's Bloody Acre! / Tomcats
The Godfather Squad / Bruce's Last Battle
Girls in Chains (OOP)
Group Marriage
Horror High
Hot Moves
How to Score with Girls / White Rat
James Bryan Film Festival (3 Film Collection)
- Escape to Passion - Dirtiest Game in the World
- I Love You, I Love You Not
Julie Darling
Killer's Delight
The Last Chase
Light Blast (OOP)
A Long Ride From Hell (OOP) Love Me Deadly
Mean Johnny Barrows
Messiah of Evil
The Night Child (OOP)
Night of the Dribbler
Pets (OOP)
Primal Rage (OOP)
The Redeemer (aka Son of Satan)
Riot on 42nd Street
Rituals (OOP)
Running Hot (OOP)
Saturn Drive-In: Velvet Trap / Hot Nights on the Campus
Sole Survivor
The Statue
Stoney / The Killer Likes Candy
The Strangeness
Stunt Rock (OOP)
Sweet Sixteen
Teenage Hitchhikers
Terminal Island
Terror Circus
Terror Circus / Schoolgirls in Chains
The Undertaker
The Unknown Comedy Special
The Unseen (OOP)
The Visitor
The Weekend Murders (OOP)
Wild Malibu Weekend
The Witchmaker
Working Girls

Exploitation Cinema Double Features

Devil Times Five / Mark of the Witch
Deliver Us From Evil / Fox Affair
The Forest / Don't Go in the Woods
Lonely Wives / [Sorry Wrong Number
Superfan / Jailbait Babysitter
Teenage Graffiti / Teenage Mother
Wacky Taxi / Superargo
Where Time Began / Encounters with the Unknown

Maria's B-Movie Mayhem

Caged Men (aka I'm Going to Get You... Elliott Boy)
Love Me Deadly / The Curious Case of the Campus Corpse
Mardi Gras Massacre
Night of the Demon
Riot of 42nd St. / Bad Girl Dormitory
Scream / The Barn of the Naked Dead
Teenage Hitchhikers / Teenage Tramp
Vampire at Midnight
Voodoo Dolls / Madonna

^In order to boost sales, Code Red released the line "Maria's B-Movie Mayhem", where a host in "Elvira" fashion introduces and does a lead out on B-movies. All these releases can be viewed with with or with-out Maria hosting.[1]

OOP = out-of-print

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Spaghetti Western
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