Cockayne Baronets

Cockayne Baronets
Cockayne Coat of Arms

The Baronetcy of Cockayne of Ashbourne was created in the Baronetage of England on 10 January 1642 for Aston Cockayne, Lord of Ashbourne Hall, Derbyshire and Pooley hall, Polesworth, Warwickshire.

Sir Aston Cockayne was a cavalier and author. He a friend of King Charles I and received the title Baronet Cockayne of Ashbourne in return for his support during the English Civil War.


Cockayne Family

Copper Plate Engraving of Pooley Hall dated 1829

The Cockayne (or Cokayne) family settled at Ashbourne in the 12th century. Ancestors of the Baronet included Sir John Cockayne, Steward to John of Gaunt and Sir Edmund Cockayne, slain at the Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403.[citation needed] Other more distant ancestors included many European royal and noble families. including the Kings of England, France and Scotland, the ancient Kings of Denmark, Norway, Mercia and Wessex and Roman Emperors.[citation needed] Famous ancestors include: Charlemagne, William the conqueror, Llewellyn the great, Lady Godiva, El Cid, Alfred the Great and Boadicea.[citation needed]

The Cockayne family owned the Manors of Ashbourne Hall and Pooley hall.

Sir Aston Cockayne was the first Baronet and last of his family line.

The Baronetcy passed to the senior line of the Cockayne family and to Aston's first cousin, once removed (son of his first cousin): Caleb Cockayne.

The family fortunes ruined, the Cockayne family ceased using the title in their day to day lives, although, the Baronetcy is still claimed by descendants of the Cockayne family today.

Cockayne of Ashbourne (1642)


Ashbourne Hall

  • Ashbourne Hall in Derbyshire served as the Cockayne Family seat until its sale in 1671.

Pooley hall

  • Pooley Hall, near Polesworth, Warwickshire was the family's country retreat until its sale at the end of the 17th Century.

Sturston Hall

  • The Cockayne family bought the lease of Sturston Hall, near Ashbourne, Derbyshire from their relations, the Kniveton family, in 1650. It was sold to Francis Meynell.

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