Christie (name)

Christie (name)

Christie is a surname of Scottish origin.

The name originated as a patronymic, meaning "son of Christian" or "son of Christopher".[1] When used as a personal name, it is a pet form of the personal name Christian.[2]

At the time of the British Census of 1881 [1], the relative frequency of the surname Christie was highest in Kincardineshire (43.7 times the British average), followed by Shetland, Forfarshire, Fife, Aberdeenshire, Perthshire, Banffshire, Elginshire, Clackmannanshire and Haddingtonshire. In Scotland the Christies are considered to be a sept of Clan Farquharson [2].

Spelling variations of the Christie name include: Christie, Chrystie, Chrysty, Christy, McChristie, Christe, Christi, Christee and many more.


By surname

  • A V. Christie (fl. 1990-2000s), American female poet
  • Agatha Christie (1890–1976), English author
  • Al Christie (1881-1951), Canadian film maker
  • Alec Christie (fl. 1990-2000s), English actor
  • Alexander Christie (1792-1872), Scottish-born Canadian explorer
  • Alexander Christie (bishop) (1848-1925), American Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Amalie Christie (born 1913), Norwegian pianist
  • Angélla Christie (fl. 1980-2000s), American female musician
  • Anthony Christie author, on oriental and african studies, 20th Century
  • Arthur Christie (1921-2003), English government/military person
  • Bob Christie - disambiguation page for men named Bob Christie or Robert Christie
  • Brian Christie (fl. 1990s), American television personality
  • Brian Christie (neuroscientist) (b. 1964), Canadian medical researcher and educator
  • Campbell Christie (b. 1937), Scottish labour leader
  • Campbell Christie (writer) (1893-1963), British playwright
  • Charles Christie (1880-1955), Canadian film maker
  • Charlie Christie (b. 1966), Scottish footballer
  • Chris Christie (b. 1962), American politician
  • Christian Christie (1832–1906), Norwegian architect
  • Coleen Christie (fl. 1990-2000s), Canadian television presenter
  • David Christie (footballer) (1885-?), Scottish footballer
  • David Christie (1818-1880), Scottish-born Canadian politician
  • Dick Christie (b. 1948), American actor
  • Dinah Christie (b. 1942), English-born Canadian actress
  • Doug Christie (disambiguation)
  • Dugald Christie (1941-2006), Canadian political activist
  • Ed Christie (fl. 1990s), American puppeteer
  • Edvard Eilert Christie (1773–1831), Norwegian businessperson and politician
  • Erling Christie (1928–1996), Norwegian author
  • Errol Christie (b. 1963), English boxer
  • Evie Christie (b. 1979), Canadian female poet
  • Florence Christie (1903-1983), US citizen, subject of a famous Depression-era photograph
  • Frank Christie (1927–1996), Scottish football player and manager
  • Fyffe Christie (b. 1918), Anglo-Scottish artist
  • Gabriel Christie (general) (1722-1799), Scottish soldier
  • Gabriel Christie (Maryland) (1756-1808), American politician
  • Gary Christie (fl. 1990s), Scottish rugby league player
  • George Christie (disambiguation)
  • Gerry Christie (b. 1957), Scottish footballer
  • Gilbert Christie (1892-?), Scottish footballer
  • Gordon Christie (1914-2001), New Zealand politician
  • Hans Langsted Christie (1826–1907), Norwegian jurist and politician
  • Hartvig Caspar Christie (physicist) (1826–1873), Norwegian physicist
  • Hartvig Caspar Christie (1893-1959), Norwegian politician
  • Hubert Christie (1889-1982), New Zealand politician
  • Hugh Christie (?-1962), English farmer and educator
  • Ian Christie (disambiguation)
  • Iyseden Christie (b. 1976), English football player
  • Jack Christie, Canadian racing car driver
  • James Christie (disambiguation)
  • Jeff Christie (b. 1983), Canadian luger
  • Jeremy Christie (b. 1983), New Zealand footballer
  • Joanna Christie (b. 1982), English actress
  • Johan Koren Christie (writer) (1814–1885), Norwegian writer
  • Johan Koren Christie (officer) (1909–1995), Norwegian engineer and air force officer
  • John Christie (disambiguation)
  • J. Walter Christie (1865-1944), US engineer and inventor
  • Joseph Christie (fl. 1990-2000s), English hip hop musician
  • Julie Christie (b. 1941), English actress
  • Ken Christie (b. 1927), Australian footballer
  • Keith Christie (b. 1931), English musician
  • Kitch Christie (1940–1998), South African rugby coach
  • Linford Christie (b. 1960), Jamaica-born English sprinter
  • Loring Christie (1885-1941), Canadian politician
  • Lou Christie (b. 1943), US singer-songwriter
  • Lyn Christie (b. 1928?), Australian-born American doctor and musician
  • Malcolm Christie (b. 1979), English footballer
  • Michael Christie (disambiguation)
  • Mike Christie (singer) (b. 1981), English musician
  • Mike Christie (ice hockey) (b. 1949), American hockey player
  • Morven Christie (b. 1979), Scottish actress
  • Moss Christie (1902-1978), Australian swimmer
  • Ned Christie (1852-1892), Cherokee statesman
  • Neil Christie (fl. 1990-2000s), British academic
  • Norman Christie (b. 1911), English footballer
  • Paddy Christie (b. 1976), Irish footballer
  • Paul Christie (b. 1952), Canadian politician
  • Paul Christie (Australian musician) (fl. 1980-1990s), Australian musician
  • Perry Christie (b. 1944), Prime Minister of the Bahamas
  • Peter Christie (1846-1933), Canadian politician
  • Peter G. Christie (b. 1941), Canadian politician
  • Rachel Christie (b. 1989), English model and athlete
  • Rajendran Christie (fl. 1960s), Indian field hockey player
  • Ralph Waldo Christie (1893-1987), admiral in the United States Navy
  • Rawdon Christie (fl. 1990-2000s), English-born TV presenter in Australia and New Zealand
  • Richard Copley Christie (1830-1901), English lawyer and educator
  • Robert Christie - disambiguation page for men named Bob Christie or Robert Christie
  • Roger Christie (b. 1949), American minister and cannibis activist
  • Ryan Christie (b. 1978), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Samuel Hunter Christie (1784-1865), English scientist and mathematician
  • Sara Stockfleth Christie (1857–1948), Norwegian educator and politician
  • Scott Christie (footballer) (b. 1987), Scottish footballer
  • Sidney Lee Christie (1903-1974), American jurist
  • Steve Christie (b. 1967), Canadian player of American football
  • Stuart Christie (b. 1946), Scottish anarchist notable for attempting to assassinate Francisco Franco
  • Thomas Christie (1761-1796), Scottish political writer
  • Thomas Christie (Canadian politician) (1834-1902), Canadian politician
  • Thomas Christie, Jr. (1855-1934), Canadian politician
  • Thomas P. Christie (fl. 1950s), American government figure
  • Tinoi Christie (b. 1976), New Zealand footballer
  • Tom Christie (b. 1927), English rower and doctor
  • Tony Christie (b. 1943), English musician
  • Trevor Christie (b. 1959), English footballer
  • Walter John Christie (1905-1983), English civil servant
  • Warren Christie (b. 1975), Irish actor
  • Werner Hosewinckel Christie (1746–1822) (1746–1822), Norwegian judge
  • Werner Hosewinckel Christie (1877–1927) (1877–1927), Norwegian agricultural researcher
  • Werner Hosewinckel Christie (officer) (1917–2004), Norwegian air force officer
  • Werner Christie (b. 1949), Norwegian politician
  • Wilhelm Frimann Koren Christie (1778–1849), Norwegian statesman
  • William Christie, various including:
    • William Mellis Christie (1829-1900), Scottish-born Canadian cookie company founder
    • William Christie (musician) (b. 1944), American musician
    • William Christie (astronomer) (1845-1922), English astronomer
    • William Christie (Ulster politician) (1913-2008), Irish politician
    • William J. Christie (fl. 1870-1890s), Canadian politician
    • William Christie (Conservative politician) (1830–1913), British Member of Parliament for Lewes 1874–1885
  • Winifred Christie (1882-1965), Scottish musician

By given name



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