Christel House Venezuela

Christel House Venezuela

Christel House Venezuela is a school located in Caracas, Venezuela. It was opened in 2001 as an addition to the Christel House International family. Christel House Venezuela joins four other schools around the world that educate youth living in poverty.

Christel House Venezuela serves 600 children approx (294 current students and 289 Alumni). 94% of the Alumni are enrolled at the university or technical institutes, or are involved in work- study programs at the same time. The school teaches levels from 7th to 11th grade (High School). The school has 62 staff members and offers 239 program days annually.

2008-2009 School ProfileOpened October 2001 Grades K - 11th (High School ends at 11th grade) 294 students enrolled + 289 graduates in Work-Study 100% student retention (students returning for 2008-09 school year) 95% student attendance 239 program days per year 62 total staff Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 7:00 - 4:15; Accomplishments2001-Secured a 2.5-acre (10,000 m2) site at the bottom of the La Vega barrio, one of the most impoverished areas in Caracas 2001-94 students start 7th grade; construction of additional buildings and facilities 2002-Inauguration of newly completed facility; 300 kids on waiting list 2002-Canadian Ambassador visits and donates chemistry lab 2003-Political disruption brings city to a standstill, yet students continue their studies by forming neighborhood study groups 2004-Five students selected to observe the CAMUN United Nations simulation; impressive performance results in full participation the following year 2005-Microsoft "Unlimited Potential" grant enables expansion of technology training for our students, and for 600 additional young adults from the La Vega area 2006-First high school graduation ceremony-105 out of 110 students receive diplomas and enter Work-Study program 2006-10th grade student receives first perfect score in the history of Mathematics Olympics contest for secondary education level one, competing against students from all La Vega schools 2007-108 students graduate; all enroll in universities, technical schools, or 3 year apprenticeship programs.

Christel House Venezuela Board of Director: Rolando Wejc - President and CEO, Hippocampus Vacation Club, Chair Christel DeHaan - Founder, Christel House International Juan Guillermo Alamo - President, Promotora Casarapa Francisco Castillo - Partner, Hoet, Peláez, Castillo & Duque Nelson Dao - President, Valle Arriba Golf Club Eric De Spoelberch, Country Manager - Eli Lilly and Company - Venezuela Alvaro Díaz - Operations Manager, LaFarge Venezuela Maximo Dolman - President, LaFarge Venezuela Tomás Sanabria - Cardiologist, Centro Médico de Caracas Cheryl Wendling - Senior Vice President, Christel House International

Contact hristel House de Venezuela, A.C. Calle Real de los Paraparos (Antigua Sede Club Social Cementos La Vega) La Vega Caracas VENEZUELA Phone: (58) (212) 471-8864, 4912079 Fax: (58) (212) 471-8611 E-mail: Website:

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