Type Private
Founded Pasadena, California (2011 (2011))
Headquarters Pasadena, California, U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people
  • Bill Gross (entrepreneur) (CEO)
Net income N/A
Parent UberMedia
Type of site Social networking service
Advertising Banner ads
Registration Required
Launched October 2011
Current status Active is a social networking service and Web site launched in October 2011, operated and privately owned by UberMedia. Unlike most social networks, is organized around subjects instead of people. The website is designed as a place to learn and share with other people who have similar interests. lets users share content with others through a number of different mediums. It has a newsfeed, profile pages and a system for following other users. was not designed as a direct competitor to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit, but rather an improvement on the medium. The CEO and founder of, Bill Gross (entrepreneur), refers to Chime as the world's first “interest network.”[2]

Overview does not have the typical status updates that are seen on other social networks. Instead of statuses, it has “chimes.” "Chimes" are a cross between a Facebook status update and a blog post. "Chimes" can be about any topic and they can be up to 4,000 characters in length. Together, the "Chimes" make up topic based discussions that can include links, videos, polls, and up to four photos. An individual "chime" displays a headline, the first few sentences of a post, a piece of multimedia, a profile picture, interest tags and options for liking, commenting and sharing. automatically organizes shared media into "Chimeline" streams based on the topics they discuss. The "Chimeline" and "Chimes" contain threaded comments that include a Reddit-style up or downvote system for surfacing the best comments to the top of a chime.[3] Users and companies can also create communities on any subject. is unique compared to other developing social networks because users have the ability to post advertisements related to their network and in turn collect revenue. [4] When a user creates a community, they can place advertisements and profit from them directly or let populate their community with advertising and split the proceeds.


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