Ram Diwali

Ram Diwali
Ram Diwali
Ram Diwali is located in Pakistan
Ram Diwali
Coordinates: 31°21′N 73°02′E / 31.35°N 73.04°E / 31.35; 73.04
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Elevation 177 m (581 ft)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Ram Dewali is an area located in the city of Faisalabad. Ram Dewali comprises four villages which are known as Chak No. 1 JB, Chak No. 2 JB, Chak No. 3 JB, & Chak No 4 JB. It is situated on the Sargodha road and lies to the north of Faisalabad, 5 kilometers away from the M3 Motorway. The region is mainly inhabited by the Randhawa tribe of the Jatts. It is located at 31°35'45N 73°4'30E with an altitude of 177 metres (583 feet)..[1]


Coordinates: 31°35′45″N 73°4′30″E / 31.59583°N 73.075°E / 31.59583; 73.075

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