YA may refer to:
* Young Avengers
* Yahoo! Answers
* Young adult
* Young adult literature, library and publishing classification
* Yottampere, unit of measurement
* Yet another...
* Yliopiston Apteekki

yA may refer to:
* Yoctoampere, unit of measurement

Ya can mean:
* Yes
* "Ya" in response to the American slang form of saying "Yo"
* slang form of you
* Ya, Ghana, a town in Ghana (not to be confused with Wa, Ghana
* Ya (Я), a Cyrillic alphabet letter (which, on its own, means "I" in several Slavic languages)
* Yaa - an Arabic letter
* An Arabic word meaning "O!" or "Oh!"
* Ya (kana) Romanisation of the Japanese kana や and ヤ
* Ya.com, a Spanish Internet service provider owned by the German communications giant T-Online. ( [http://www.ya.com homepage] )
* Ya (arrow), a type of arrow.
* Ya (newspaper), a former Spanish Catholic newspaper.
* A Spanish word for "already"

ee also

*YA Librarian

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