Supreme Intelligence

Supreme Intelligence


character_name=Kree Supreme Intelligence
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=Fantastic Four v1 #64 (July 1967)
creators=Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
alliances=Kree Empire
previous_alliances=Kree Star Force, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Rick Jones and Kang the Conqueror, S.H.I.E.L.D.
aliases=Supreme Intelligence, Kree Supreme Intelligence, Multitude
relatives=Supremor androids (creations)
Cosmic awareness
Precognition and Postcognition
Ability to alter reality
Energy and matter manipulation
Ability to create up to three androids.|

The Supreme Intelligence is a fictional organic computer featured in several Marvel Comics stories.

Fictional character biography

The Supreme Intelligence, also known by the honorific title Supremor, was created more than a million years ago by the extraterrestrial race known as the Kree to help them create a Cosmic Cube like the one that their enemies, the Skrulls, had once created. It is composed of the brains of the greatest Kree minds (thinkers, generals, philosophers, scientists and so on), removed upon their deaths and assimilated by the computer.

Eventually the Intelligence developed a mind of its own and refused to create the cube knowing the dangers that could be wrought by an evolved Cosmic Cube, which was what had destroyed massive parts of the Skrull Empire.

Despite this, it was allowed to continue to exist to serve the Kree with its wisdom. Its influence eventually grew to the point where it replaced the Kree government, although it has occasionally been deposed for periods of time. Most of the Kree are fanatically devoted to it, and its worship is an organized religion.

The Supremor understood that the Skrulls lost their ability to shapeshift, and a second Kree-Skrull War began. During this war, the Supreme Intelligence was incapacitated by the Silver Surfer who removed the Soul Gem which the creature used to maintain peaceful balance between its blue and pink Kree components. Afterwards, Nenora, a Skrull spy in the guise of a high ranking Kree official, took command of the Kree empire. The war ended with Nenora being exposed as a Skrull. The Supremor was restored to power a while later.

The Supremor realized long ago that the Kree were at an evolutionary dead-end. Its main concern became to find a way to jump-start its race's evolution. Its manipulations of the human Rick Jones and the Kree hero Captain Marvel were part of this process, especially since it was aware of the evolutionary potential of the human race, especially the Destiny Force, which it helped awaken in Rick Jones.

During the crossover the Supremor secretly arranged to have a "Nega-Bomb", a device producing a special kind of radiation gathered from the Negative Zone, detonated in the Kree Galaxy, hoping its energies would reactivate the Kree's genetic potential. But in the process, billions of Kree were killed. This led a group of Avengers to decide to execute it for genocide, against the wishes of the rest of the team ("Avengers" #347; May, 1992).

However Supremor wasn't truly killed, prior to the death of its host computer, it beamed itself to an awaiting starship hidden from the conflict between the Kree and Shi'ar. This ship later was damaged and found by SHIELD, who captured the small computer Supremor was now residing in. SHIELD kept the Supreme Intelligence on the Earth's moon for study, as Supremor bided its time.

The Kree Empire fell after the Kree-Shi'ar War, with the Kree Empire placed under the rule of the Shi'ar Imperium, ruled by Deathbird. The Kree Star Force was her enforcers, now turned into a branch of the Imperial Guard. The Supremor android on the Star Force acted as the Supreme Intelligence's spy into the workings of the remaining Kree Empire.

The Supreme Intelligence soon escaped after it possessed the minds of some SHIELD scientists and had its body taken to Manhattan, where it planned to explode another Nega-Bomb, this time in the sewers of Manhattan. The Supremor witnessed the first Kree mutation when it encountered one of the Kree Imperial Guard; Commando; who underwent his mutation when he sought to destroy the computer housing the Supreme Intelligence, however it was this act that freed Supremor, allowing it to return to the depths of space.

Supremor eventually reached the Kree Empire and had a new housing constructed for it, as it soon managed to obtain the Forever Crystal, a very powerful mystical artifact, from Kang (as seen in the Avengers Forever miniseries) and used it to advance the Kree's evolution, creating a supposedly new race, the Ruul. Through them, it manipulated the Intergalactic Council into turning against the Earth, but its plans were stopped by the Avengers (as seen in the Maximum Security miniseries.)

Later on the Intelligence got its wish for more genetic stock for the Kree, when some of the Inhuman tribes reunited with the regrowing Kree Empire. Combined with the Ruul and the mutated Kree, the Kree Empire would soon rise again after throwing off the shackles of the Shi'ar Empire, however after the universe was destroyed and recreated by Genis-Vell and Entropy, son of Eternity, the Kree race was restored to its original form and to an evolutionary dead-end.

As of "Annihilation #2" it has been declared that the Supreme Intelligence is not in command of the Kree Empire, having been replaced by the merchant House of Fiyero. House Fiyero, in fact, placed the Supreme Intelligence in a state of "living death" and ruled the Kree without its consent. Ronan The Accuser is told by the being's caretakers that it longed for Ronan to return and set the Kree on the correct path against the Annihilation Wave. Realising that there was nothing to be done to restore the creature to life, Ronan instead shattered the tank and left it to die rather than live in pain, after deposing House Fiyero for their treachery.

Recently the Supreme Intelligence was seen in Annihilation Conquest where his remains had been retrieved by the Phalanx who are attempting to reactivate him. By Reactivating the Supreme Intelligence the Phalanx plan to send a mental echo across space containing a message that will invade the minds of the Kree, turning every Kree in the galaxy into Phalanx at once. This was foiled by the arrival of the being Wraith, who allowed the weapon to activate, and used his exolon swarm to absorb the soul of Supremor, essentially housing the spirit within himself.

On Earth, the recently appointed warden of the superhuman prison The Cube, Noh-Varr devotes most of his resources into trying to revive the Supreme Intelligence in order to realize his dream of a New Kree Empire.

Powers and abilities

Despite being basically immobile, the Intelligence possesses all known psionic powers, such as telepathy, future predicting, telekinesis, cosmic awareness, sensory link, information absorbtion, postcognition, bluetooth, precognition etc.

Supremor is also capable of manipulating energy and matter, as well as create up to three android servitors that act as its eyes and ears when away from itself. These androids, called Supremor also, possess some degree of independence when created, but are totally loyal to Supremor.

It usually projects images of itself across space, Cyberspace and even into the Astral Plane, in the form of a huge, amorphous, greenish, humanoid face, with tentacle-like "hair", to communicate with its agents scattered across the cosmos. It has even assumed the form of an orange-dragon with a green-skinned octopus as its head, called the Multitude.

Its power was only further enhanced when it later merged with an inert Cosmic Cube, which now serves as its true housing, kept in a separate room from the organic computer facade it created to fool would-be assassins. Upon assuming its new housing, Supremor was now able to control reality within a limited distance of itself, as well as able to open up portals between dimensions, most notably the Astral Plane and the dimension of Death.

Alternate versions

Marvel Boy

The "Marvel Boy" mini-series by Grant Morrison featured an alternate version of Supremor from a parallel universe. This entity served as a database and ally for Noh-Varr, the last survivor of a Kree ship that crashed to Earth. Known as "Plex", this supreme intelligence displayed a type of multiple personalities with each type of mind being able to dominate in specific situations (i.e. "Plex-Soldiers," "Plex-Scientists" even "Plex-Murderers" and "Plex-infants") to advise the ship it was housed in. Given that Plex resided on the starship "Marvel" it is uncertain whether or not it was as central to Kree society as Supremor is.

During the series it didn't display any psychic powers but it was not clearly stated that it did not have these abilities. It did however show an ability to dominate Earth technology remotely and to teleport itself and the ship short distances. It was also shown to control insect like creatures that inhabited the ship. All these powers were achieved via transmission of a signal called "The Omni-Wave."

Ultimate Marvel

Though the Supreme Intelligence has yet to appear in the Ultimate Marvel universe, he was mentioned in "Ultimate Secret".

Other Media


* The Supreme Intelligence appeared in an episode of "X-Men" where he and the Skrull Empress are consulted by Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra about the fate of the Dark Phoenix.

* The Supreme Intelligence appeared in an episode of "Silver Surfer" voiced by David Hemblen.

* The Supreme Intelligence appeared at the end of the episode titled "Trial by Fire" voiced by John Novak. Speaking for the people, it suspended Johnny Storm's death sentence and forcibly removed Ronan the Accuser from the execution area. The Supreme Intelligence did this partly in hopes that the Fantastic Four might be helpful against the Skrull.

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