Karl Fulves

Karl Fulves

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Karl Fulves is an author of hundreds of books on magic. [cite web |url=http://www.magichistorian.com/wiki/index.php/Karl_Fulves |title= Karl Fulves]

Karl Fulves lives in Fairlawn, New Jersey, and is a private person who has repeatedly turned down all requests for interviews. There is not much known about him other then his incredible output of magic literature. He has taught thousands of beginners, young and old, to perform remarkable feats of sleight of hand through the books he has published. [cite web |url=http://geniimagazine.com/wiki/index.php/Karl_Fulves |title= Karl Fulves MagicPedia entry]

Karl Fulves is most well-known for his series of "Self-Working" book series from Dover. [cite web |url=http://headinside.blogspot.com/2005/03/self-working.html |title= Grey-Matters: Self, Working...]


Karl Fulves took over The New Phoenix magazine from Don Tanner. He published three more issues and then at issue 400 in October 1965 stated "The bird will be fondly laid to rest." He then started a new magazine called The Pallbearers Review which continued until 1975.

He also started another periodical called Epilogue from 1967 until 1976.

In 1970, Joseph K. Schmidt submitted Fulves a coin flourish complete with illustrations. The contribution was published in Volume 5, Issue #10 of Pallbearers. Fulves was very impressed with Schmidt's artistic abilities and, coincidentally, was looking for an artist to illustrate some of the lengthier routines. He asked Schmidt to illustrate an effect called Canterbury Cups and Schmidt agreed. Fulves and Schmidt's relationship grew. Fulves was the first person to refer to Schmidt as an "artist". Schmidt has illustrated over 75 books, manuscripts and booklets for Fulves, including Swindle Sheet, Cheat Sheet. Rigmarole, and Verbatim.

Shortly after concluding Pallbearers and Epilogue he announced the birth of a new periodical, The Chronicles Limited to 36 issues, The Chronicles took from 1978 to 1988 to complete, and during those ten years, some of the finest close-up magic of the period was explained in its pages.

Fulves published many more periodicals over the years including CHARLATAN, UNDERWORLD accompanied by FINE PRINT, INTERLOCUTOR, and MIDNIGHT MAGIC MONTHLY (13 issues, a complete file of which is virtually unobtainable).

List of periodicals published by Karl Fulves.

Alfredson/Daily - Fernandes numbers, titles, year of publication and number of issues in a complete file:

* 15505..Charlatan 1999 - in progress
* 15550..Cheat Sheet 1990-1992 10 issues
* 1580...Chronicles 1978-1988 36 issues
* 19657..Discoverie 1999 - in progress
* 2130...Epilogue 1967-1975 25 issues
* 22102..Fine Print, The 1995-1999 10 issues
* 2955...Interlocutor 1975-1988 52 issues
* 29505..Interim Report 1993 1 issue
* 3262...Lamplighter (with Jim Sarles) 1963-1964(?) 7(?) issues
* 32627..Latter Day Secrets 1999 - in progress
* 4850...Midnight Magic Monthly 1959-1960 12+3 issues
* 5180...New Phoenix 1965 4 issues 397-400
* 5335...Notebooks no information available
* 5510...Pallbearers Review original series ?-1965 22 issues
* 5515...Pallbearers Review 1965-1975 120 issues
* 58955..Rigmarole 1993-1994 10 issues
* 6055...S-C 1985 7 issues
* 65703..Swindle Sheet 1990-1992 10 issues
* 69206..Underworld 1995-1999 10 issues
* 69800..Verbatim 1993-1994 10 issues

Karl Fulves current publications, started in 1999, are Discoverie, Charlatan and Latter Day Secrets.

Published Works

Most of the titles are published by Karl Fulves himself, under his own name or Gutenberg Press.

Fulves also wrote the text for a number of the Stars of Magic manuscripts, including Chris Capehart's 3-Ring Routine, Joe de Stefano's Chinatown Poker, Max Londono's Eternal String, Metalogic (Fred Baumann) and David Roth Okito Box routine.

Awards and Honors

*The Academy of Magical Arts awarded Karl Fulves the Literary Fellowship.

See also

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*sleight of hand

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