A Heart Without A Mind

A Heart Without A Mind

Infobox Album |
Name = A Heart Without A Mind
Type = EP
Artist = Styrofoam

Released = flagicon|Germany March 24, 2003

Recorded = ???
Genre = Indie / Electronica
Length = ???
Label = Morr Music
Producer = ???
Reviews =
Last album = "To Simply Lie Here And Breathe"
This album = "A Heart Without A Mind"
Next album = "I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing"

A Heart Without A Mind is an EP from artist Styrofoam. "Hard To Find" is a cover of a Codeine song and "Snow Crush Killing Song" is a cover of The Mountain Goats song.

Track listing

German CD MM034CD / German 12" Vinyl MM034

#"A Heart Without A Mind" [Radio Mix] - 4:26
#"Fade Out Your Eyes" [Live At D+M] - 6:08
#"Hard To Find" - 3:04
#"Snow Crush Killing Song" - 5:22

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